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Media war” takes a literal shape?

today I saw PPT blog   already ahead of me posting on latest assassination attempt of Sondhi Limthongkul

Here are some photos (from Matichon/ ASTV)

Sondhi injured:

Sondhi’s car riddled with bullets:

Sondhis car ridden with bullets

one of the MAIN PAD leaders and its ideologists and Propaganda mouthpiece (or is it rather opposite – that it is PAD actually mouthpiece of Sondhi, and his tool for personal gains ?), also a media tycoon, ferocious enemy of Thaksin (although a former friend and ally ! 🙂 ),  shameless demagogue and ruthless antagonist of public masses. It is a very brief  news report (BP has a bit more on it:  Sondhi L Shot ), nothing more is known yet except that he was brutally attacked and survived.

Despite all this being said and being true, I must point out here:  personally I DO NOT condone nor agree with this attempted assassination!

Although I may very well understand some of those who most probably would say:  he had it coming.

Because he certainly has a lot of enemies, even merely in terms of money business – although he certainly has offended many others too, and even had LM case, as well as several Court charges due to last year Illegal occupation of Government House and 2 international airpors by PAD, ruthless attacks by PAD guards on police and demonizing police for events of Oct 7th 2008. List is too long for all possible culprits.  Even now as mentioned by BP already PAD spokesman Panthep has stated that this attack was carried out by soldiers or police. Which won’t be surprised at all – taking into consideration PAD’s recent open critisism of army top brass. Actually Sondhi was quoted on net as foul mouht style critisizing even Abhisit and Suthep for failure to ensure ASEAN security !

My speculation though is:  it was merely a “message” to Sondhi: BEHAVE, boyo! rather than actual murder attempt.

It was too spectacular, too public and too straight.  WHY do it in public? guys who can get AK-47 or those who hired them and equipped with AK-47 – surely are / could arrange some profis who would carry out the assassination EASILY, silently and effectively if they really wanted to ! definetely not in bright day light for all public to see !

Photos clearly show shatterd glass – which means his car is NOT bullet-proof.  So, my point is:  IF they wanted him dead, he would’ve been dead !  Since as it is reported – over 100 rounds (shells found : 57 AKA, M=-16) were fired from AK-47 !  Holy sh1t!  At close range like this ?!  There is no freaking way he would have survived if they REALLY aimed at him with exact purpose to KILL him.

I might be wrong of course and whatever “investigation” (if at all – considering that it most likely were army or police) will show that pretty soon.

Now though Thai politics take a dramatic turn:  HOW Sondi would behave? would he BEHAVE at all and curb his bad mouth ?

some even express increasing number of opinions – perhaps Sondhi will turn Red from Yellow ?

This is just a latest example of ongoing MEDIA WAR  in Thailand, which takes even such turns of actual attacks – not simply political and business maneuvers or civil debates about the differences on many issues. so, Media War is pretty evident.  It is quite dramatic actually, and the recent riots and violence in Bkk are directly related to it !

I guess we’ll not have to wait for too long to get the details and SWIFTEST possible investigations (or else!  PAD might even start their own riots) which would be envied even by Chanchai – another recent assassination target (well, alleged and murky – since miraculously the whol “plot” story was in haste abandoned by Thai media, and arrested assassins released )  as well as quite possibly a SEVEREST punishment.  Sondi Lim is a special character in Thai politics and requires special coverage about his role in Media War, PAD Propaganda and  Yellow protests in 2006, 2008.  one may read on Wiki about Sondhi at least to get some idea (Wiki is surprisingly up to date!  it already has the Update of today’s murder attemtp) and about his baby PAD.

Update (by Nation) :

Sondhi in safe condition now: doctor

“Parnthep said Sondhi was informed of reports that he could possible a target of attack, but he simply ignored the warnings.

The incident will surely renew political tension which seemed to subside over the past two days after the red-shirted protesters decided to end their Bangkok rally after three days of turmoil in Pattaya and the capital.

Sondhi is the leader of the anti-Thaksin movement, but those close to him said he had too many enemies to pinpoint who could have masterminded the assassination attempt. He has heavily criticized the police and the military over their handling of the pro-Thaksin red-shirted protests and called for removal of police and military leaders.


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