Media War

exposing media bias in Thailand

Information blackout continues…

Detailed Update by PPT on censorhip of  all Thai media.

His title “Censoring the media considered “red” in Thailand” reminds me  hillarious article on Prachathai, which shrewd sarsactic humor

(ala NotTheNation – only I think better) :


… These measures taken specifically against the reds but not the yellows, and especially not the blues,

have led some misguided people to assume that there will be some kind of retribution against the UDD and everything red … “

a nice cool example of how powerful humor may be !  🙂


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  1. […] has continued to secure that victory and has  fully unleashed power of its Propaganda machine and let MICT to go on rampage (several people were arrested due to such MICT’s  […]

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