Media War

exposing media bias in Thailand

Media War: now there are spies too !

apparently TOTAL Information Balckout + 1mln Baht Bounty (50K per head for each of UDD leaders still on run)  is not enough – now we have spies hard at work !

as BP blogged with reference to Bkk Post’s fresh article “Spies keep watch on group spreading lies” !

uuuuh !   “Big Brother is watching!”, “walls have ears” and other such obsolete crap as old as Stalin’s regime or Cold war hysteria.  Media War  turns into Total War  !

The government would counter them by releasing its own information to the international media, explaining what is really happening.

Well, hey – US has its patriot act, right? Thailand might as well keep up and concoct something similar – you know, to ba up to the “international standards”.   🙂

PPT has his own commentary on this development.

About lies.

Media Propaganda seems continues almost in unison. here Sanitsuda proudly tells story of  converting  her maid into “true believer”, and her brainwashing “educating” other family members .

The lie is out, now see truth for what it is

Bkk Post “Opinion” today adds to the “Spies”  thriller :

Behind the red shirts is a strong, underrated network

you bet !   so, what do we have here? surprise:  “Network Thaksin”  – term  coined by Ajarn Pavin, who is very proud of it – it certainly matches McCargo’s term he seems envies.   🙂

The emerging “network Thaksin”, my own term, is embarking on transforming the Thai political landscape.

well, yeah – Thaksin works in mysterious ways  ! definetely  Abhisit government must issue more allowances for Ajarns to study at depth Thaksin’s mysterious ways – so that they continue to entartein us  on TV talk shows !   Good Ajarn is  already fully dedicated  to his newly intented theory with passion. read his “in-depth” analysis !

… network Thaksin has been underestimated, and therefore understudied

see what I told you !!! luckily we have good Ajarn Pavin to help us here.

well, Government is well prepared. just now I heard on TV that  government will give away 1 million VCDs  with the documented “Officcial Truths”.

If  as Ajarn claims “Network Thaksin” is underestimated – then I guess they must have a few surprises in stock.  they better  – coz  1 mln VCDs  is a huge campaign unleashed by Government Propaganda machine.   PT MPs  said they’ present evidences this week.  Somehow though I get the feeling that  UDD  are catastrophically outclassed in this Media War.


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