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Vicious assault on woman by REPORTER & Shameless Spin by “Thai Rath” !

UPDATE  June 21 2009

this story has very astonishing developement – this Thai Rath photo  has won the Year’s Best Photo award of MPA !

read our  new post regarding this event.

Criminal law:   “Assault is a crime of violence against another person.”

Earlier I’ve  metioned in one of my previous posts (scroll down to part with title “The Drama of  Democracy“)

about video episode (from British Channel 4 News report) where reporter drags Red-shirt woman by hair:

so called “reporter” drags woman by hair because she and her friend confronted his team

and accused of BIASED coverage of events !  THIS IS JOURNALISM ?! SHAME on this bastard !

reporter Walsh says (3:05):

“… Red shirts look isolated at times. These women shout at the media for bias. But one man WITH THE CAMERA lashes out…”

Another footage (from Al-Jazeera?) :

now today I read from PB new post that some shameless Thai newspaper “Thai Rath”  has totally distorted the story and even posted the EDITED photo (erased the camera and its bag) in its front page,  stating that it was some “local resident” during clash with Reds !]


BP blogged :

A informative poster at Prachatai’s weboard posts (and another at Panthip does too)  about Thai Rath‘s frontpage article from April 14 (another commenter at both Prachatai and Pantip points out Channel 3 were saying the same thing) which purports to show outraged Din Daeng residents attacking red shirted women for being related to the parking of the LPG tankers out front of their flats and dragging one of them by the hair – it is part of the local residents fight back. First, as the post lays out with captured screenshots (and others chime in with video) from different angles, it is clear that the assault on the red shirted woman happened was about 5 kilometres away from where Thai Rath’s caption stated it was. Second, it appears to be a journalist and not just a concerned local resident with Thai Rath photoshopping out the camera and the bag. Even if you can’t read Thai, you can likely follow by what they highlight.
BP: So will there be any correction? It is just adding fuel to the fire of what UDD see as bias against them in the print and TV media.

more details from the video:

provided by witness

provided by witness

screen-shot from Thai Ch 3 news

screen-shot from Thai Ch 3 news

zoom-in of attacker's face

zoom-in of attacker's face

Brief info about “Thai Rath” :

“Thai Rath is a Thai-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide…

the news section is best known for its sensationalist coverage of crime and accidents, it also includes stories on Thai politics, economy and society…

Thai Rath is the oldest and best-selling newspaper in Thailand, claiming a circulation in excess of 1 million copies daily

Thairath is the most sloppy newspaper in Thailand, their workers often manipulate the truth of a story.

Also, they sometimes make up their own news by using a quote of a famous person and they make it become a news.

Well, BRAVO, Thai Rath! it lives up to its reputation. Media’s role in Propaganda  in evidence, huh ?  WHAT A DISGRACE TO JOURNALISM !

if to believe these statistcs – it means 1+ mln people DAILY  are being brainwashed by it,  and report as this would only lead to more anger and violence.

Update Apr 23 2009

Today during Parlamentary session (debate on “reconciliation”)  this matter was addressed by one of MP. It was broadcasted LIVE on TV by NBT channel.

Matichon has a video clip of this particular episode, although it is only in Thai language. The woman who was dragged by hair can be seen in the clip (she is briefly shown wearing black shirt, standing with raised hand), invited by Peua Thai party as a witness to this Parlament session. Her friend, second woman in the video, according to the woman-speaker,  has dissapeared within 3 hours after incident and they can’t find her till now.

Deputy PM Suthep  has deined that the reporter who dragged her by hair is an army personnel, saying that he is one of “common bystanders” who were around. However one Peua Thai party MPs (man) has interrupted him and  said it is not true – he gave a details as name of the attacker, as well as confirmed that he is indeed a military reporter, in some rank of officer.  People who discuss this  matter on internet  mentioned that  only officers  can wear plain clothes, and this guy surely was some officer in rank higher than ordinary soldiers with rifles – that’s why they did NOTHING to stop him…

Will this man be punished by law, as Abhisit loves to assure ?  Most likely not.  Although PT MPs seems like won’t lave it alone, and will continue whatever investigation.

assaulted woman speaks at press conference

assaulted woman speaks at press conference

Update Apr 23 2009

argue with thai journalist – more clear video clip (before incident)

2 red shirts supporters came to argue with what appears to be a thai journalist in front of an army blocade. They argued that the media not shown the real face of the conflict or at least speak only from the gouvernment’s side, which is not wrong for most of them…
A big fight start later on, where the man arm the 2 girls tacking the shirt of one of them, lettting her in bare bra in the street in front of douzens of reporters, before pulling the other ones from her hairs, draging her on the ground on almost 5 meters stoping just on the feet of the soldier (not shown on this footage). Amazing moment again during this amazing day
…  ”    –    by Frederic Belge

this subject was  discussed a lot  on Thai  web-boards (as Pantip)  as well as even brought up in Parliamentary discussions.

another Thai blog called “Thai E-News” has several posts about this incident and the person, as well as  several photos of him, last post added on Apr 25th .


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