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Alternative view on the cause of “Black Songkran”

I was surprised to find   one blog which opines almost the same way as I do  on the actual cause of  why the recent events of ASEAN cancelation and then riots in Bkk happened. In fact I was considering to  make some sort of similar summary – because it is widely propagated that the sole and only reason is Reds’ violent nature and disregard for country’s image etc. While  many factors and persons who’s put those factors in motion are  intentionally overlooked or spoken very little about.

So,  I recommend to read  it:

The True Instigator

My question is who’s the real instigator behind the the whole event and what’s their purpose? Before pointing fingers at the reds of what chaos they have turn this country into, let’s first seek out the root of the incident. What If I guess it’s Abby, Suthep and Newin for the reasons of…

well, read those presented reasons !


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