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“Media war” officially anounced by Government – Mortal Combat !

why I am not surprised ?

Govt to launch media war countering red shirts

The government will launch a publicity campaign at home and abroad to counter the propaganda of the red shirts, PM’s Office Minister Satit Wongnongtaey said on Tuesday.   The media war will be designed to counter the smear campaign of the red shirts and explain the true situation to the international community,” he said.

He said police and public prosecutors were obligated to enforce the arrest warrant for red-shirt co-leader Jakrapob Penkair who remains at large and claims to have fled abroad.  He said relevant agencies, including the Office of the Government Spokesman and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will rebut Jakrapob’s interviews given to foreign media outlets. He added that the government was closely monitoring whether the red shirts would carry out the threat of organising rallies in 10 provinces before marching to Bangkok.”

It sounds almost same as Yoda  in Star Wars:  “The Clone War has begun … ”   😀

So, Total Information blackout (blocking ALL the opposition media: TV & radio stations, 67 websites, rigid censorhip of Forums and blogs, not to mention strict censorship of Thai MSM)  is not enough, MICT  is “powerless” (as Bkk Post reported) –  now government mocks itself by chasing the shadows – directing its resources to wage “Media War” ?  I mean – this is pathetic !  the term “Media War”  is mostly journalistic as I know. It is not normally used in political matters. Certainly I never seen anyone literally DECLARING  “Media War”.

“Democrat” Abhisit and his “Democrat” government  only embarrass themselves more by such funny  declarations.

They still hide their head in the sand, obssessed with Thaksin and all sorts of conspiracies (as “Network Thaksin”),  and are not even able to realize that their  efforts are vain NOT because of  allaged Thaksin hiring  all the foreign reporters (BBC, Economist, WSJ etc) – but because the LIES which Abhisit’s “Democrat” government  spins and Thai Media echoes in chorus  are simply TOO BLATANT and  too obvious !  therefore  the more  there is “official denials” – there more people of all the walks of life will try hard to dig for the TRUTH !

This is the world of Telecommunications and IT !  the whole world is inter-connected.  Silly Thai “Democrat” rabbits  still don’t get it: you can’t shut off the whole wolrd, or be shut away from the rest of the world ! Unless you build a HUGE  wall around Thai borders several times biggers than Chinese Great Wall, cover the whole country with foil dome  to screen it from incoming  radio waves, and totally isolate the country in all possible ways !

In former Soviet Block countries people knew the  common truth:  “The more the are rules and restrictions – there always be more ways around”. It is a human nature – reflected even in Bible as “forbidden fruit”. If you want to make sure someone to try doing something harder  – the best way to do it is … TO FORBID IT !  Humans are curious creatures.  Take away something from them – they want it more, so much that almost can’t live without it, although while they still have it they may be don’t even pay attention to it.  So, this is tru even for trivial silly things. what to speak about FREEDOM – which is considered one of the “Essential Liberties” ?!  Essential – because it is something people normally can’t live without, like air and food, water.

So, Mr. Satit should know better, and especially Oxford Educated Abhisit !

UPDATE Apr 21st 2009

Bkk Post has a fresh discussion going on on this subject :  “Is it necessary?” – she means this anounced by Government “Media War.

So far there are just a few comments (perhaps coz this appeared in Thai News just today), but it is interesting to see what Bkk Post readers think about it.

Does the Nominated Government honestly think people will just stop reading and searching for the truth in the cyber world and concentrate on their propagandas they launch? Can they really twist the facts? …  So what creditability is there left of what the Nominated Governemt intended to launch? They can shut a few thousand sites to forbid us from reading but they can’t shut the whole world up or can they?

I tend to agree with this comment, at least with first part :

It could be that the headline is simply overdramatic if the Govt. had launched it’s own youtube channel then I would understand the headline’s sensationalism of what is most likely the Govt. simply providing information to the media that it see’s as the people right to know.

I also think that perhaps Nation in the best traditions of  “Yellow journalism”  (“eye-catching headlines”, obsession with sensational and overly exaggerated subjects) have simply used a catchy phrase (don’t look at me – I’m not a media Empire, I can use such name for my blog !  🙂 ).   Perhaps  Government didn’t even say exactly “Media War”  but something like   “campaign”, and Nation either translated it at their own whim, or found a dramatic headline.

Are guys on nation being too Paranoid ?  😀

another  good interesting thread started by the same author as above mentioned:


To sums it all, my understanding of reconciliation is putting the People voices in the first agenda and not the Politicians changing of words in the constitution nor should it starts in the parliament but start with the word “Fair” and “Justice”. The rural had heard talks for years until Thaksin came along, so don’t talk anymore Abby [Abhisit], action wins a thousand words and that’s what Thaksin had done, you want to beat him, beat him with listening to the voices of the people and take swift action. The majority of votes is in the hands of the rural, without them, you can never win nor can you permanently stay on.

Wise words ! well, let’s hope  “Abby”  may open his ears.

There is also another thread continuing ever since  Apr 10th, the beginning of the “Black Songrkan” events in Pattaya.  It is too long (already 27 pages), but I guess worth reading:

A People’s Revolution

A people’s revolution has been going on for decades that culminated into the 1997 constitution. Sept 2006 and subsequent events made it clear the ruling establishment will not allow a people’s revolution. Violence, while a highly volatile term that conjures up dramatic images and should never be supported, is not the real issue.   A people’s revolution is.

This entry sounds very promising of  a good discussion. Well, I guess that fact that it already continues 11 days on 27 pages  confirms that.

To me it is just interesting to see that people are  AWARE and  discuss all the matters quite actively.

So, apparently Media / Government Propaganda  doesn’t reduce the number of thinkers, rather perhaps provokes them more.


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