Media War

exposing media bias in Thailand

The Propaganda War continues full gear

here are just a few pieces today from Thai Media

The Nation is first of course – many consider it undisputed leader in pro-government Propaganda (although some may say that Bkk Post are on Nation’s heels competing) :

BURNING ISSUE [Red highlighting is not my be – bu Nation themselves, to add the dramatic effect]

Two issues Abhisit must deal with immediately

By Avudh Panananda
The Nation
Published on April 21, 2009

The future of Thai politics hinges on how well Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva addresses two key issues related to the Songkran mayhem

The first issue is how to stop the no-holds-barred struggle in which politicians do not draw the line at parliamentary means, but rather mobilise supporters to fight in the streets.

The second issue is how to dismantle the propaganda campaign designed and used by red shirts and yellow shirts alike to rouse the crowds

The first step in fire-fighting is cutting off the oxygen… [= TOTAL Information Blackout ? 😉 ]

The yellow shirts and the red shirts owe it to society to fight fair by dismantling the propaganda machine. [WOW! Look who is talking  – a BIGGEST and perhaps the MOST SHAMELESS Propaganda mouthpiece – The Nation ! ]

The rival camps are free to pursue their respective aspirations, but they do not have the right to brainwash society. [but of course! as said in that hit song: “Nobody but … you” hahaha  so, ONLY The Nation has the right for the MOST SHAMELESS Propaganda – nobody else ]

The dust will never settle if the rival camps continue to propagandise. [ in reality though it is rather: “if the The Nation and the rest of BIASED Thai Media continue to propagandise”  !!! ] “

so, basically this “good fair and balanced PROFESSIONAL reporter” Khun Avudh calls for … MORE Censorhip and Information Blackout. which I understand is – good for business, when THE ONLY source of information will remain those who align themselves with “Official Truth” – preferably of course ONLY  The Nation  🙂

however  it remains to bee seen how sucessful Abhisit and his so called “Democrats” would be  in their “holy crusade”  to  silence the TRUTH

even already now it looks like they are loosing, as BP bloggs:

The information and communications technology minister (MICT), Ranongruk Suwunchwee,

refuses to meet with the two state telecoms enterprises because she is effectively powerless,

says a government source…

of course,  most likely this Minister will be replaced (according to stories, she has no any education remotely related to IT industry anyway – )

The Nation  at least provide pretty cool entertainment with their Editorials, Opinions and “Blogs”.  Chief Editor  Thanong is “one of the best” clowns as usually.

read BP’s comments on Thanong latest masterpiece :

The last PAD conspiracy was the ridiculous Finland Plot which their readers/viewers lapped up.

It is precisely because they are so closely connected that they can’t be objective and that is why you shouldn’t rely on them now.

here is one last example, from today’s Nation’s front page article:

Jakrapob busy setting up a base

well, the article itself might be alright. however the photo they have posted is :

mocking photo of opposition leader on Nation newspaper

sexual slur on Nation newspaper

This is practically a blatant slur hinting on his sexual orientation which would be instantly condemned in many Western countries, and in some as in EU it would be even a Legal liability or Hate Crime in the category of  racial discrimination : “Article 21 of the charter prohibits discrimination on any ground such as race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, disability, age or sexual orientation and also discrimination on the grounds of nationality.

However Nation newspaper doesn’t bother much about it – I am sure for them it is just a good joke, a fun.

Although – what it has to do with  Political issues  and even with the Professional journalism ?

It is not a wonder that PAD’s blog instantly liked the photo and added its own choice :

PAD illustrating Reds and their leader

PAD illustrating "Reds' and their leader

BTW I LOVE the name of this blog: “PAD’s Facts Info” – particularly the word Facts !  I am sure it is full of fun to read. 🙂


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