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FM Kasit propagates “official truth” abroad

PPT   bolgs about Kasit talking at Asia Society.  I was curious particularly about this part, related to government propaganda relations to PAD version :

Harking back to the PAD language of the past, Kasit argues that there are red shirt protesters who were paid or were without the “correct” information or had “disinformation.” For them, there will be “massive information flow for them to understand what is was all about…”.

Previously PAD has also claimed that  rural “uneducated”  people should be “re-educated” and that PAD will organize  their “concerts” all over country-side for that main purpose.

Army boss Anupong  has also expressed similar opinion 3-4 weeks back  when he explained the importance of 1bln Baht obtained from government for the purpose of   strantghening the  position of government among the peasants.

in this regard perhaps it is good to look at one of blogs by PAD supporters called “PAD’s Facts Info“.  so far I haven’t seen much of other PAD blogs in English language (although their blogroll provides links to  few others similar blogs ).

This blog eagerly acknowledges the official  “Media War” :  “Media war targets Thaksin

The government is launching a “full-scale” information war against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his followers who are using the overseas media to attack the administration, Prime Minister’s Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey says.

From now on the information war will be full-on, both defensive and offensive. The prime minister takes the issue very seriously and many teams will be formed to assist,” he said.   “The main objective is to provide information to local people, foreigners and the overseas media.”  He said the government had established a “war room” to handle overseas public relations.

they also mention “Media propaganda blitz” in post “Where is Abhisit?” dated Apr 16     – which is actually a copy of Thanong’s  post day before on his Nation “blog”.  I guess this explains Thanong’s  too familiar pro-yellow style of  accessing the events – critical of both Abhisit and Anupong. I start to wonder – is this blog actually written and mainteined by Thanong himself ?   🙂  coz just too many of his articles are there.

this blog, typical of PAD,   makes accusations of terrorism against UDD / “red-shirts” in posts like “Urban-terrorism tactics alienating the public“, “Red shirts act like terrorists” – while of course  we can bet that  PAD’s illegal occupation of airports and GH last year  are perfectly justified and won’t be called “terrorist acts”.   certainly  PAD never misses any chance to  take upon UDD, like here :  “Red shirts a weaker force than PAD” (oops!  another post from Nation – by Tulsie this time).

Constant Thaksin-bashing is  a main feature of course.

Although there are other favorite subjects, as  PAD’s  interpretation of  Democracy. like here (again by Tulsie )  in “Real democracy?.. ”

Democracy is a delicate lady who requires high maintenance… democracy is never really understood and it’s always taken for granted, even when there is nothing left to take for granted anymore… In fact, democracy is always strong, but she is cursed by an endless line of wimpy suitors. Her only problem is that she’s too accommodating and sometimes she gives people more chances than they deserve…

well, here  is the  explanation of Democracy – very much PAD-style version :  “Thailand must develop the ‘democracy’ that fits it best

also in “What is the Definition of Democracy !?“, again apparently by Thanong :

Most of the Thai people, the military, the elite, the Bangkok middle class, the business and financial sectors have a shared interest in the political stability. They all love democracy. But their understanding of the definition of democracy is different from that of the rural Thais, who also cherish democracy in their own views and rights…. It is a joke to believe that the rural voters love or have better understanding of democracy than the Bangkok middle classThe foreign media and foreign experts must stop distorting Thai politics with their convenient definition of “democracy”.

The fallacious rethorics go on. Well, if Democracy doesn’t fit too well Thailand – than perhaps woouldn’t it be more honest to  change the names and slogans? like – PAD should take it out of their name, as well as rulling “Democrat” party with Abhisit as leader.  this however remains a  paradox – why they still keep using it.


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