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MICT unblocks 71 Red websites

Prachathai   reports :  “MICT lifts blocking of 71 red-shirted websites

On Apr 24, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology sent an e-mail to inform internet service providers (ISPs) of its unblocking of red-shirted websites, noting the situation has returned to normal.

Aree Jiworarak, the Director of MICT’s Information Technology Supervision Office, said in the e-mail that the Emergency Decree had now been lifted, and the situation had returned to normal, so ISPs and concerned persons could lift the blocking of the websites.

However, he said that ISPs should advise their clients that there were still other laws in place, and they should take into consideration good conscience and social responsibility in doing their jobs.

He thanked ISPs and concerned persons for having cooperated or attempting to cooperate when unable to do so for business reasons.  He hoped that in future difficult times, they would cooperate and serve the country yet again.

So,  yes – Thai gov.  under pressure from  world community has decided to  make a resemblence of “normalcy” (aka  “Freedom of speech”) – but at the same time hastily devise  some “other laws”  which can be used even without Emergency Decree in action.   😉  Not to mention the “self-censorship” by Thai media and making ISPs  a “watch-dogs” and informants.


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