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exposing media bias in Thailand

Bloggers are not immune either

today Fonzi  has commented about the recent artice on CPJ website about the hardships faced by bloggers  in the countries with where freedom of speech is limited:

Funny, Thailand meets all the criteria and actually has a worst record than some of the countries listed.

I tend to agree  to some extent. because actually  most if not all blogs  exercise self-censorship too – although may be not so much as Thai MS.

of course many blogs and their writers are  based abroad, not in Thailand and may be have lesser risk of being charged by MICT.

however they are naturally interested for their blogs  to be viewable  inside Thailand too – not blocked  by MICT on whim.

therefore  practically all  the bloggers self-censor and also moderate the comments on their blogs to avoid being blocked.

of course those people who know internet enough  – they can easily figure out the ways around the useless  attempts to block the information (as by using proxies).

and that make the pathetic attempts of MICT and Thai gov.  futile, in fact backfires – because there more there is a blockage and censorship, the more people try to find the alternative facts.  as saying goes “the more there are restrictions – the more usually are way around”.  it is simply a human nature – “fordbidden fruit is sweeter”.

therefore,  the more  there are efforts by authorities to  block the free flow of information – the more will be  a resistance to that,

or what  is called by some wise people “insurrection of subjugated knowledge” !


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  1. @hatecamel (from Metablog)

    your comment is quite patronising actually !

    I bet you haven’t even bothered to read through this blog and most probably do not even know about the context of the discussion and neither what’s going on in Thailand.

    Comment by antipadshist | May 1, 2009 | Reply

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