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exposing media bias in Thailand

Surprising admission: “Thai press needs improving” wow ! :)

Today there is very curious  article on Nation :  Thai press needs improving

Today is World Press Freedom Day, and at this time of year the world and Thai media community has the opportunity to do some soul-searching on the state of the free press.

Could you bealieve it?  wow!  really?   isn’t  Thai media is already perfect, “fair and balanced”  ? 😉

Seeing such an article one might start to belive they’ve learned their mistakes and would  confess their blatant bias, partisanship, demagoguery…

but  ….  sorry to dissapoint,  folks!  there is no any such things in this article. the only thing is more or less remotely resembling the confession is mentioning:

Thinking of Thailand’s free press within the international arena has not improved. According to the respected New York-based Freedom House, Thailand is grouped with Haiti and Maritania at No 119 of the 195 countries surveyed. The survey, which is done very year, was not impressed with Thai press freedom because of online censorship and other measures that restricted freedom of expression. The frequent changes of governments have made the standard of the Thai press inconsistent. In the past, Thai media freedom enjoyed very high ranking in the world because it had a clear modus operandi between the media and the government.

So, there is no even ANY attempt to discuss the reasons of this lack of freedom or any  suggestions how to change that. Instead there is only reference to the “past” – which is also not confirmed by facts. and also there is  the lame excuse of blaming someone else – like “frequent changes of government” – while in fact, Thai MSM has played one of the main role in those changes of governments ! as they have supported and cheered the 2006 military coup, then again the dissolving of the 2 other civilian governments after junta’s interim government.  neither Nation points out that Thai MSM  (and especially Nation)  has  kept silent during  supression of FREEDOM OF SPEECH by junta  and recently by Abhisit’s  government of so called “Democrats”  (their censorhip, closure of oppostions TV and radio and ANY websites which were critical of government and military, and more – officially anounced “Media war”  declared upon those foreign journalists who dared to continue present any news which are not in line with the “official truth”  of “Democrats” government ! for example most recently  BBC office in Bangkok was visited by police in search of some “evidences” against opposition leader, also 2 Matichon Editors were fired for being “pro-red” [rumors in on-line forums are that the actual reason was – an instruction from the very top], and even certain blogs were branded as “red mouthpiece” – guess by whom? by the Cheif Editor of Nation  Mr. Thanong !  🙂  )  – but instead they have cheered and supported in all the possible way this SUPRESSION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH  and mocked and ridiculed anybody who opposed it  !


meanwhile, there is another (different from the one on Nation) statement  FACT website  has made a bit different statement today in regard of todya’s occasion.


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