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Examples of PAD propaganda – from Sondhi L

when it comes to demagoguery – then perhaps Sondhi Lim is the undisputed champion of it among all the Thai media pyares and politicians  – in fact he can teach most of ajarns !  😀

recently, after highly publised case of attempt on his life on Apr 17th and a week spent in hospital, he gave few interviews, like this one, where among other things he said :

As a matter of fact, I am not much different from the red shirts. If the soldiers stage a coup to grab power, I will fight. If the coup is for a complete change, then I differ from the red shirts. I still see the need to uphold the monarchy. But the red shirts are not so clear on this issue. My key difference from the red shirts is that I uphold the three pillars – Nation, Religion and Monarchy. The red shirts and I share the same goal for social revolution….  I do not hate the red shirts. I think certain red shirts have good intentions although, firstly, they do not have correct information, and secondly, they are unaware that they have been used .

This statement was very surprising to hear from Sondhi, founder, ideologist and leader of PAD (misnamed so called “People’s Alliance for Democracy”) – because he and his ASTV/ Manager network, all his fellow PAD leaders and even ordinary rank Yellow-shirts  previously never missed a chance to villify their rivals Red-shirts, primarly for being pro-Thaksin and anti-PAD. in fact, they were never shy even to use the most foul language even from the main stage of their rallies. they called Red-shirts  paid lackeys of Thaksin, buffalos, stupid, uneducated, and many other things. Therefore  I think such statement by Sondhi cauth by surprise even many of the Yellow crowd.

Here in the above mentioned quote, he commits few fallacies.

1) obviously the first fallacy is his saying “I’m not nuch different from Red-shirts”.  Because there are a lot of very crucial differences, main of which is – so called “new politics“.

2) by stating that Red-shirts are “not so clear on the issue”  of upholding the Monarchy.  However there are no any such statements by UDD / DAAD – they never said that they don’t want to uphold the Monarchy, but rather expressed time and again their loyalty to the revered institution. This is a fallacy of attacking a false premise (as I recall – “straw man”).

3)  “same goal for social revolution” – it is not true. because time and again Sondhi and other PAD leaders have stressed that they want “new politics” – which is NOT a revolution (a evolutionary developement), but rather to ensure and maintainan the status quo of affairs  (in other words – reactionary or   counter-revolution )   with practically feudal patronage system or what is also mentioned as domination of politics by non-elected beaurocratic polity, or in other words – rich elite and more or less well-to-do middle class continue to hold a firm grip on the rest of the poor and uneducated population.

here in another place Sondhi practically confirms it himsels :

The yellows and the reds are seeking something very similar which is change. The only difference is once that change is over, once we have achieved that change, how to go about our new politics, that’s the difference between the yellow and the red. Because the reds are basically doing everything for Mr Thaksin, whereas we are doing everything for the whole country.”

this “the only difference” – is actually the MAIN difference !  it’s amazing how lightly  he dismisses it as something almost insignificant.

4)  the argument that “they do not have correct information” – which is very mildly put here, often PAD are not so shy to use more harsh words as “stupid” etc. this is untrue statement, because during last few years increasing number of even most uneducated people are very well aware of what the PAD  political platform (if it can be called so at all)  is about : to desinfranchise the majority of Thai people, who are mostly rural folks and poor urban workers and deny them their basic rights to vote (universal suffrage). In fact, it can be fair to say that it is rather PAD which gives to people incorrect information and thus misleads them.

Constant usage of such arguments is indeed a clear PROPAGANDA  by Sondhi and PAD !

Regarding  “re-education”,   here is  what PAD  mean by that :

“Rural people have good hearts but they don’t know the truth like we do in Bangkok… It is our duty to re-educate them.”

The People’s Alliance for Democracy, composed mostly of the Bangkok middle class, royalists and civil servants, accuses Somchai of being a proxy of Thaksin. The group has rejected calls for fresh elections and wants a new political system that dilutes votes from poor farmers, who comprise Thaksin’s political base…

‘Blinded’ by Media

Those opposing Thaksin are confident that his rural backers could be converted if they could access an independent television station like the satellite channel operated by protest leader Sondhi Limthongkul.  “Rural people are blinded by corrupt media and need to listen to ASTV,” said Thanapol Buranasombati, a protester, referring to Sondhi’s station that broadcasts the rallies around the clock. “When the poor farmers know the truth about what is happening they will side with us.” .

Well, this explains very much why  Abhisit’s Democrat government, helped greatly by PAD to obtain the power,  now has blocked  ALL the  media of UDD / DAAD –   except of course PAD’s ASTV, which is claimed to be “good for re-education” of the “stupid pesants”.  in fact it is blatant ruthless propaganda by PAD and “Democrats”  which  make people “blinded” !


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