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“Muddle class” – middle-class

we’ve already posted about the reactionary anti-democratic role of the middle-class (aka PAD, most of which followers middles class are).

it is insteresting to find an article by Chang Noi dated almost 2 years back  called  “The dilemma of the Thai middle class” :

“The political priority for the middle class is to maintain the economic growth that underlies rising prosperity. Increasingly, the middle class feels that requires political stability, however that is achieved. But at the same time this globalised middle class needs to feel accepted and respected in the international landscape. To gain that acceptance, the country has to appear to be a democracy, as that has become the international standard. Only ex-communist states are still exempt. That means having a parliamentary system, conforming to some minimum standards for the rule of law, and getting rid of unacceptable practices such as human trafficking, virtual slave labour and a bloated sex industry.

Everywhere in the world, middle classes feel vulnerable to threats from above and below. The Bangkok middle class has the added insecurity of being so new and economically vulnerable. It would rather not have to choose between prosperity and democracy. It hopes to muddle through with “managed democracy” as a gift from the generals. The muddle class.

Update 6th May


there is an interesting interview posted by BP, and  it sort of  adds to the matter of this our post :

13:30 KH : “there was never ‘tri-parties’ parties in Thailand… only business and government … –  labour never had a role …”

14:00 PP: how could they manage demands from labour and peasants during this time ? coz these ‘tri-party’ doesn’t include peasantry & labour at all.
HW:  “from 1975 to 1977 what we see is labour SMASHED… labour has ALWAYS been actively DISORGANISED by the state in Thailand – and it continues to do that [as recent event of Red-shirts upraisal 8-14th April 2009 – state has once again sucessfully crashed any attempts by labour and  farmers to dare voice their concerns ! ]. so, labour has not really  had a voice…  farmers/ peasantry … any organisation they had in 70s was also smashed quite VIOLANTLY by the military. in 80s military and beurocracy, particularly Minnistry of Interior had a VERY LARGE footprint in the country-side  – they took control fo what’s going on in country side…  so, attempt to establish local provincial chambers of commerce was an attempt to develope that voice in the country-side – but NOT for the peasantry, but for business, for local business groups…”

17:45  HW:  “… when we look at another coup in 2006 – for many people it was a surprise. so, we have to try and see the interests invloved in the coup like that and say: ‘what happened? why was it?..’   there other very tricky thing … is understaing of how particular groups of people in Thailand who were supporting of transition to Democratization now find themselves supportive of very conservative political perspectives… ”

last night on local TV channel Thai PBS   there was a program  about  those workers who lose jobs.   they were shown protesting, struggling  to meet the ends, most of them were crying while being interviewed.   some guy with 3 kids  is going with his older son (6-7 y.o.)  to fishing at some near pond or klong – catching 1-2 small fish and collecting some green veggies (kind of “morning glory” ? ) on the banks.

this is WITHIN the Bangkok megapolis area (like Pathumthani) and near provinces, as Ayuthaya –  what to speak about country-side  !

apparently 2000 Baht peanuts given away by gov. to low-income people didn’t help much these folks who lost their jobs and have no  any bright future perspectives.

these are the people who so far were a little bit BETTER than their  parents and relatives back home in the villages of Isaan and North.

they DID have  so far (till they lost jobs)  some sort of steady income – although even THEN  they were still living on day to day basis, as someone has mentioned it “find in the morning – eat in the evening”.  now they have lost even that meager income – in other words, they can no longer “find in the morning” – therefore they are literally have NOTHING to eat in the evening !

their parents and relatives in the villages are doing no better. only perhaps in the sense that they are more used to this sort of daily struggle for existence, not depending on salaries from some employment job at factories (as those workers has so far). farmers  have a bit of advantage that  they have lived their whole lives as  “hunters and gatherers”, more skillfull at that  and  have a bit better  enviroment, living closer to nature and depending more on it – certainly country side has more  ponds and rivers to catch fish, or more non-polluted soil to catch some lizards or to collect some edible  snails or roots …
so, the whole point is :   the VOICE of these people – it is NOT being heard at all by all the smart-a$$   “muddle class”  in Bangkok and urban areas !

and when these peasants and labour even as much as DARE to try to raise this voice – they are brutally supressed by the state !

as Kevin Hewison said in that interview :   peasants and labour are continuously being SMASHED by the Establishment.

and Abhisit’s so called “Democrat” government (supposedly for people – as the meanind of word “demos” is) – they continue the same line of this SMASHING  of the  peasants and labour.  and more than that – any attempts for them to raise their voice  (as  trhough the UDD rallies or alternative media) are being suppressed too, and  the peasants & labour Red-shirts movement is being DEMONIZED  by  the Combined  Propaganda of the  gov. + army +  Thai MSM +  ajarns + all other groups and NGOs (comprised by and representing the reactionary “muddle-class”)   !


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