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Examples of Propaganda – from Suthep

There is a recent article on Nation :

“During a workshop for more than 1,000 provincial governors and deputies across the country at the Navy’s meeting hall [why at Navy’s ?  doesn’t government have enough of other facilities and halls ? ],  Abhisit said the government alone could not resolve social and political discord. It needed cooperation from provinces to achieve national reconciliation…

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban also urged provincial governors to use ideas from the “Stop Hurting Thailand and Stop Violence” network [is this “network”  a part of the project which Anupong has mentioned when  he got 1bln Baht from Abhisit in march ?] to launch similar campaigns in order to bring peace to society. The country’s security was a worry to many Thais and foreigners alike.

Suthep encouraged provincial governors to launch campaigns to educate [or  … “brainwash”  ? 😉 ] people about democracy and instil a democratic spirit. “We have to do this because people have been confused, especially with constitutional amendments that distort democracy theories and manipulate them to suit political and self interest,” he said. [so, now I get it – THAT’s what the “education”  is all about : to INSTILL a “democracy spirit” – aka  the “Unique Thai  style of Democracy”  in contrast to the other “democracy theories” ]

He said  political discord was caused by pure ignorance [VERY familiar notion !  where did I hear it from ?  oh, wait – from …  PAD of course ! 🙂  ]. “Provincial governors know the root causes of the problems but they adopt a hands-off attitude by saying the problems should be resolved by politicians,” he said. Training and campaigns on constitutional monarchy must be organised to restore public faith and confidence in this ruling system. [wow!  one might have thought that for past 60+ years army and elite has been idle and haven’t thought about it, and suddenly they’ve realised that  there was not enough “training and campaigns”  so far ! LOL ].

Suthep instructed provincial governors to prevent the public from crossing the line and organising violent protests. “They must not breach the Constitution and if any governors cannot handle the problems, they can reach me for help immediately,” he said.

He said  if any village or province takes sides [except the side of the government by so called “Democrats” of course – right ? 🙂 ] it means the people do not have a basic understanding of democracy. [he doesn’t elaborate thogh about what the “basic understanding of democracy”  means – at least according to his own version as a self proclaimed specialist about  the Democracy ]“It is the duty of provincial governors to campaign for democracy, campaign against vote buying and electoral fraud,” he said.

Provincial governors were also instructed to launch projects that allow the public to exhibit their loyalty to the monarchy.”

Somehow Suthep equates the “campaign for democracy” with  campaigns to “express loyalty …”

it makes one wonder:  WHO actually lacks of understanding of democracy ? 😀

I mean  – expressing the loyalty is fine and very good. but it is not necessary the same as  “campaign for democracy”. “expressing”  something as loyalty (or love, admiration, etc) – is more about feelings, while campaign for democracy is about certain political actions.   So, here no one else than Deputy PM  Suthep, right hand of Abhisit (although many nowadays consider it rather opposite – that actually Abhisit is right hand of Suthep  🙂 )  is employing  different fallacies (there are just too many to count and expose them all)  and uses them as  PROPAGANDA  tricks !


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