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Silent or Silenced majority ?

there are so many Ajarns in Thailand, and all of them are eager to offer their opinions (as we mentioned in one previous post ).

perhaps it is necessary to set up sort of  “Ajarn watch”   LOL

today  Bkk Post has an article by yet another Ajarn  Likhit Dhiravegin  :

In a nutshell, the country belongs to all the Thai people and no one can monopolise

the right to take action, for good or ill, against the country.

hmmmm ….  so, let me guess ….

can it be by some chance that perhaps what good Ajarn Likhit actually  meanse is rather :

In a nutshell, the country belongs to all the Thai people Elite and no one no any stupid peasants , but only

their betters can monopolise  the right to take action, for good or ill, against the country their masters.

because that’s how REALLY the things are  in Thailand.  also good ajarn forgot to mention that  government had to spend  240mln Baht to  bring all those people to Bkk   – so, ajarn’s  praise of the “silent majority ….  hodling up flag”  is quite  intellectually dishonest ! because obviously he is fully aware  of that fact. actually few days  before the event  all over local Thai TV  was a big advertisment campaign  “raise the flag”, people were not encourgaed, but almost forced to  display national flag  in front of every house.

if   ajarns, Thai media and government really want to win hearts of the “silent majority”  (which is actually not silent but more like SILENCED)   – they would better  try to provide them some REAL help instead of such silly propaganda and patriotic speeches.  because SILENCED Majority (all those “stupid”  peasants and workers)  are living in conditions like shit.

Good Ajarn Likhit is a big hypocrite in saying such a words – because he and his buddies are NOT interested in the “good for country” but only in preserving their own status quo – nice snug well paid and very respectable positions,  far away from the nightmare of DAILY lives of his / their  fellow  country-folks who  the SILENCED majority !

( looks like Fonzi doesn’t like him much either 🙂  )

Update  May 9th

PPT  blog  today has a comment on Pravit’s article on Nation  called “Stop hurting Thailand campaign has hypocritical edge” – what a surprise  coming from Nation !

(here is another comment by FACT blog)

Pravit  (did he read this blog ?   🙂  )  writes :

“Although hurting Thailand can’t be a good thing, there are Thais who intentionally hurt Thailand because they care more about their personal interest. And some unintentionally harm Thailand by supporting violence without being aware of the ramifications of their actions.

Instead of marching forward to the latest campaign tune and waving national flags without retrospection and reflection, it would do well for some of these groups and people to asked if they have, over the past three years of political conflict, used or at least supported violence and hurt Thailand or themselves in the process.

It seems ludicrous and mind-boggling that some people who supported some form of political violence now lead this much-publicised campaign.

These people includes many journalists and editors who tacitly if not outrightly supported the 2006 coup and now accept censorship of media linked to the red-shirt Democratic Alliance Against Democracy (DAAD) as justifiable..People must recognise that supporting a coup or any form of censorship constitutes political violence as it relies on the use of force. One can think of a coup as a form of militarised rape of citizens’ political rights and censorship as denying people the right to be informed and express oneself.

People who support “good” coups and “good” censorship are impatience about political developments. If people end up fighting on the streets, then this mentality could call for a coup. The same goes with the suppression of political differences through censorship.

Both are manifestation of a militarised culture and instant gratification – a political fast-food mentality. It won’t solve any problem in the long run, however, and the Kingdom is now even more deeply divided that it used to be before the 2006 coup.

On top of that, another common characteristic of those who support a “good” coup and “good” censorship is that these people tend to look down on ordinary people’s ability and potential to solve problems by themselves or judge things by themselves.

A coup was thus needed to prevent political chaos, and censorship thus required to prevent poor people from being duped by anti-government or anti-monarchy “propaganda”.

This mentality treats the majority of Thai citizens as juveniles, without agency, and unable to learn so some enlightened adults must always watch them like big brother and intervene or censor every now and then.

These people, who formed a crucial part of the latest campaign, also tend not to believe in the normalisation of political conflict.

They dwell in a world where people supposedly have no competing political interest, no class exploitation, a world where national unity, peace and order can co-exist in harmony with censorship and military intervention.

Are these people simply naive, incapable of restrospection and unable to recognise this? Or are they just plain hypocrites?

All parties need to put all cards on the table, express contrition about the past if need be, otherwise there can be no end to political violence and the latest campaign will lead nowhere beyond helping flag-makers earn more money.

Many within the Thai media don’t see themselves as part of the problem. They always think they’re part of the solution. They need a few minutes to review themselves and that assumption before they grab the tiny national flag again next week.

WOW ! If I’m not mistaken this is the FIRST TIME EVER  I see this sort of article on Nation !  perhaps not all Thai reporters are completely hopelessly biasied after all.

Khun Pravit  very likely might end up  as  those two Matichon Editors who were were fired because of accusations of being “red mouthpiece”.  I wonder what has motivated him to express this his opinion.

Anucha on Bkk post  writes another article about  this “White shirts” movement :  “Peace bid needs more than white shirts

The 21 organisations behind “Stop Hurting Thailand”, which include the Thai Journalists Association and the King Prachadhipok Institute, should take note of the cranes for peace campaign’s failures. To be successful they must come up with more concrete measures for reaching a political resolution than simply donning white shirts and asking people to raise the Thai flag.

What most people want to see from the campaign is proof of how it will achieve its lofty objectives. While this may be more time consuming for the organisers, if they can provide such clarifications “Stop Hurting Thailand” has a chance of success.

BP  blog has a post about these “White shirts” too with his own comments and by others, a good discussion.

Update  May 11th 2009

Veeera on Bkk post  today about “silent majority” – looks like now he poses as “white shirt” ?  🙂

campaign seen by some academics as an awakening sign of the silent majority who have watched without lifting a finger as the country slipped closer and closer into a state of lawlessness …  It is, however, discouraging and regrettable that the campaign which was held in good faith and with good intentions is viewed negatively by some red shirt and yellow shirt followers

I beg to differ from the views expressed by both the Manager columnist and Jatuporn.

Those responsible for the campaign are definitely not looking for fame or self-publicity.  Nor are they any smarter or more superior than PAD or UDD followers. Like the rest of their countrymen, they only want to see peace being restored to the country and they did it by speaking out publicly and openly the way both the PAD and UDD leaders did.

The success of the campaign will depend on the cooperation and support of all parties concerned, especially the silent majority, the PAD and the UDD.

ever “fair and balanced” Veera, huh ?   😀

he almost makes us believe that he is “neutral” !

of course those responsible for campaign do not look for publicity – they have enough of it already – they looking for preserving their own status quo !


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