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WHO and HOW decides which information is UNNEEDED – intellectually dishonest ajarns ?

The medium is the message

– Marshall McLuhan

a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself.”

Regarding academics  (I have mentioned previously the “intellectual bankrupcy of Thai media and academics” ) – see what I told you :

Academic: media must filter ‘unneeded’ information”

Due to the political conflict, the media should disseminate information on a “need to know basis”, [in other words – someone, as government, “academics”  and media corporations  will DECIDE  WHAT  and HOW MUCH  the sheeple  “need to know”  and what they “don’t need to know” – right, Khun Malee ? ] former Thammasat University journalism lecturer, Malee Boonsiripan, said yesterday at the “Media and Political Conflict” seminar held by institute’s Journalism and Communications Faculty.

The media must first see if the information they are delivering does or does not hurt society. If they don’t, they should not be called the ‘media’,” she said [wow !  and this is a JOURNALISM  teacher speaking, huh ? no wonder  Thai MSM are so f***ed up ! ].

Malee added that the media should not just report conflicts, especially serious ones, but also analyse the situation, educate [= BRAINWASH !   or pre-propaganda, as Jacques Ellul called  it, which is what the “education”* is all about ] people and report events in a thoughtful manner.

She said she believed Thai media enjoyed the highest level of freedom in Southeast Asia. [oh yeah, is that so ?]

So, what else can be said here ?   “ACADEMICS”  are talking this sort of crap, as sort of  “AUTHORITIES”  on the meaning of journalism and  media !  unless of course good ajran Malee  implies some other meaning of  media from many different meanings of this word, although I assume that she actually means exactly the Mass media, since she is a teacher of Jornalism talking to journalists and about journalists.

This is just one example of  academics and intellectuals who are deeply biased themselves. They are those who take upon themselves to decide what  publice “needs to know” and what it doesn’t,   as well as being judges of the information and facts.

Somehow it reminds me a case last year when  after the event of Oct 7th 2008   of  PAD clashes with police  one Doctor in  Chula hospital (as I recall correctly)  has refused to  treat  the wounded policeman – in a gross  disregard of the ethics of his profession, particularly Hippocratic Oath which every medical student will make before becoming a doctor.  In fact there were many other “doctors” in next several days who has expressed their solidarity with that “doctor”  and  also made the same statement with such a confidence liek they were doing very MORAL act – denying treatement to person in need because of their own prejudice.

Similar to that  “doctor”,  this  journalism teacher apparently doesn’t bother about Journalism Ethics (and Media ethics)  particularly  Objectivity (and to me – especially the part  “Interference with reporting by any entity, including censorship, must be disclosed.” – which I bet good ajarn Malee would never even dare to discuss !  )  and “Accuracy and standards for factual reporting“,  which I bet is not a top priority (if at all included) in the curriculum of  Journalism teachers in Thailand. And yet she is taking upon herself to set the new her own imaginary standards  of  WHAT  the meaning of  media   should be !

Because  if ajarn Malee  would  care at all about FACTUAL, objective  and accurate reporting – probably she wouldn’t say such things at all as “need to know basis”.

* Read Excerpts from Jacques Ellul’s book “Propaganda


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