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Media – part of Ruling class

today another bloogger NiB has posted :

What Do the Ruling Class Do …? .

… the ruling class is motivated to maintain its position above other classes not in a static way but by using newly emergent technology and opportunities to ensure its dominance continues into the future. As new types of communication become possible through the media, therefore, the ruling class takes such steps as to ensure that it controls or influences the media so that it is not used in a subversive way and/or that the realm of issues which it is permitted to discuss in the media does not encompass the legitimacy of the ruling class or the discussion of whether and how it might be changed. So, when a rival force emerges – Communism is the obvious example – it is banned from the state-controlled media, its proponents are not permitted to speak in public and anyone showing interest in the ideology is persecuted and demonized. Sanctions against individuals include legal ones (e.g. imprisonment, extra-judicial killings) and cultural ones (labeling them as unpatriotic, traitorous, evil etc).

Further, the media is used in such a way as to privilege the ways the ruling class acts and behaves and is used to educate people into following the desired form of obedience...

I think it is an interesting and worth reading post.  I have even made my own comment there :

perhaps it is necessary to add that Media itself, particularly giant media corporations, are the PART of the ruling class ! in some countries (especially in the West) Media corporations consolidate, absorb smaller agencies, and become so gigantic that they even rival the military-industrial complex ! because in modern IT age the iformation plays a much greater role and hold more power than weapons used to – Alvin Toffler has described that at length in his book “Powershift” back in ‘92.

Murdoch’s corporation is one of such. in fact his media empire has got so much influence that it has become an important part of what John Pilger calls an “invisible government” – a behind the curtains machinations of such a proportions that its influence surpasses the ordinary governments.

in Thailand it might be not on such a big scale, yet the trend is the same. for example it is the fact that when Thaksin was in power media sharks has decided to play a role of opposition to him, because as they said themselves – the actual opposition (Dem. party) was too week. and they have pretty much succeded in ousting him – and one of the main player in that was another media tycoon Sondhi L.

also, the background of that decision is worth researching, particularly the iTV affair – how and why Thaksin has taken over it, how the former owners / shareholders (as Nation group) were pissed off, etc.

and even before that, say they events of 76 – happened due to a big role played by local Thai media.

so, here in Thailand Media also are PART of the Ruling class !  therefore naturally they are the mouthpiece of it. and they viciously and furiously dispose of ANY rivals – those who dare to set up some info sources / media for anyone else than … Ruling class. ;)

PTV, D-station – are examples of that. wait and see – D-station or its rincarnation would NOT be allowed to function.


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