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Realistic assessment of situation in Thailand in Bkk post interview

Today Bkk post has published new interview with T. Viriya, who said quite a few very wise things, here are some :

Q:  Do you think Thaksin will get his “justice“?

If this land has such a thing as justice, he will get his justice.

Q:  Who do you want to see as prime minister?

I don’t know. I can’t see anyone … can’t find anyone.

Q: What do you think of the word “democracy“?

It’s good. I think if everyone knows the word in detail and behaves as such, that will be a good thing.

But people have different interpretations. Right now, it’s more like dictatorship.

Q: So what is your interpretation of democracy?

Everyone says they do what they do for democracy. But what are they doing? Is it democracy?

They say they want reconciliation. But there’s no such thing. Everyone is still fighting.

I can  understand now why she has  alot of respect among the boys with balls and guns – a rare thing to be had by such an independent woman among the guys in uniforms.

hell !  she’s got more balls herself  than most of the ninnies among the Thai media and intellectuals – and DEFINETELY MUCH MORE HONESTY !

of course one may say – she is 75 y.o., nothing much to lose or care about (as attacks by Sondhi and PAD), as well as  has enough wealth and connections …

nevertheless,  taking aside whatever external designations (as titles, position etc.) – speaking up her mind and telling the TRUTH  (as how I see it too – highlighted above in orange font), without  common  demagoguery or  flowery words  (as most of ajarns employ), she has just got straight to the point:  justice, democracy, reconciliation is all big words only, with no real manifestation in Thailand at the moment.

I still wonder though – why she has decided to come out to the lime light and get engaged in this  info-war ?

I don’t think that accusaions / implications by Sondhi (and gossip / rumors)  were serious enough reason for her.

is that because she feels like pissed off with all the mess  Thailand in at the moment?


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