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new propaganda piece from ajarn: “faith in the system” imperative

today there is new  article by ajarn Likhit (read our comment on his previous article ) :  “The two imperatives: trust and faith

“… trust is important, equally important is its counterpart, faith. Faith in a system is necessary if society is to function with some kind of order. If the people have no faith in the social system, that it will be functioning consistently and serve their interests fairly, they will take the system lightly or even hold it in contempt. Trust and faith are thus the twin imperative elements for a society to proceed along smoothly…

But mutual trust cannot take place in a society in which the people are engaged in an antagonistic relationship. These antagonistic relationships which are caused by different political stands, prejudices, partisanship, intolerance, etc, have resulted in a high degree of mistrust among the people. Mistrust makes peaceful co-existence difficult, let alone cooperation or collaboration among one another. To rectify the problem, it is imperative that the contending sides display a high degree of tolerance, and of most importance is the willingness to open their minds to the opinions, arguments and demands of their adversaries…

well,  the words and terms themselves are good, no doubt. in the end of article there are some thoughts which might even been considered as sort of call tocurrent government for “concrete actions”  to regain the trust…

however I find this  article as a whole is quite hypocritical, almost disgusting. sort of  hypnotising attempt :  “have faith in system !”

good ajarn Likhit  should try to go to villages and preach it there.  today on local TV  there were reports about selling corn stock issue –  and it was mentioned that  farmers are being given   1 baht per 1kg  of corn !  ONE baht.   in any local supermarket  1 piece of  corn is around 20 baht, and even street vendors  sell it  about 10 baht at least – for ONE piece !  and the people who grow it – they get   1 baht per 1kg.   so, let the good ajarn Likhit  try to go to  those farmers and  convince them to have “faith in system” !  😉  or trust.

Trust ?  what a joke !  this sort of  preaching rather  reminds of  propaganda used in  some dictatorships.


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