Media War

exposing media bias in Thailand

does truth matter for Thai journalists ?

there is  a post on TJTS  about recent Tulsathit’s article on Nation, Fonzi comments:

I read something like this and wonder why the hell Tulsie is even a journalist. I have been blogging for two and a half years now and it never ceases to amaze how The Nation’s columnists ignore the basic tenets of journalism: Who, what, why, when and where. They can’t even get that right. There isn’t even a pretense of real journalism. Instead, they live in the world of pontificating and conspiracy theory development based on asking questions that they are either too lazy or too incompetent to answer by doing basic reporting. Uh, maybe it is important to find out what the facts, so people know the truth as it exists.  Cognitive dissonance exists, indeed, but that is no excuse for a major metropolitan newspaper to just throw up its hands in resignation and leave important questions unanswered. Let’s see: Was there an assassination attempt on the prime minister or was there a conspiracy to frame the Reds? Tulsie doesn’t think political assassinations of major figures are major stories.  Anywhere else in the civilized world this would be a major story.  You decide.

and there is another comment by reader there (scroll down to com.. #2 by Tom):

… I’m sorry to see a leading journalist on a major newspaper admit that it’s not important to find out the truth about the presumed assassination attempt on Abhisit … The sad joke is his journalism…  Tulsathit argues that truth is irrelevant, that facts do not matter...

it’s a long comment to quote it whole here. the main point is – people feel naturally disgusted by statements of such so called “journalists”.  truth doesn’t matter?  then what does – scoring some popularity for the newspaper for the sake of better business? to me it is plain that guys like Tulsie are employing CHEAP demagoguery, very poorly disguised and too blatant. and yet somehow they do influence some people’s thinking into certain direction !  that’s the biggest problem about this sort of journalism.

I’m glad that  there are many people like Fonzi and Tom who not only see it through but make effort to expose this BS.


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