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“migration in the cyber space”

today I’ve been listening to Max’s radio show and one spot (start from 12:33) has caught my attention reminding of article I’ve read recently :

… you’ve got therefore by definition a negative sum-game that is destroying quite obfiously the ecology

that’s without question, the ecology is being destroyed, unless the ecology is being removed human species no longer has a habitat to survive.

and you see this migration of the cyber space  – people are trying to jump a digital divide and recreated themselves as abattage (?) living on Twitter because they know that this physical need space is going to perish.  you’ve got an ecological holocoust going on as a result of this fractional reserve problem…

what workers want ultimately – they want more money. that doesn’t make them socialist.

if  Donald Trump wants more money – he is a  capitalist, but if workers want more money – they’re socialist. how does that work ? they both want more money … they both want more money. they are not spousing socialist doctrine that they want equal pay within entire spectrum without making moer money. they are not socialist, not communists. they are capitalists, they want more money…  in capitalist society people want MORE MONEY…

now to allow workers to have more money is to destroy the Oligarchs (read also : “Let’s just call bankers ‘oligarchs’ “). that doesn’t make me anti-capitalist, it makes me anti-Oligarchy

the other thing about these Oligarchs is – they have the ability to issue this currency


there are no taxpayers – there are slaves and Oligarchschattle – they are livestock

farmers have livestock: cows, chickens, pigs  … who don’t complain about their TAXES …


Here we’re in 2009 … financial industry grown from insignificant overall percentage of the economy to the more than 40% of the economy – it’s become the economy. the cancer has become a host, the host is now gone, really  – the cancer is in charge… and of course the cancer when it does collapse  – it will be in the form of ecological holocaustand that will be ultimately the cancer will have comsumed the host. the host being the Planet Earthit’s our host, it is in the process of being destroyed by this all chicanery being done byt the banking Oligarchs in a rapidly approaching rate

and again – nobody makes the connection in sufficient manner … the connection between fractional reserve banking and the enviroment

it seemed to me a reflection on  similar points made on Kh. Yimprasert’s article (see our previous post) :

The current phase of struggle of the rural peoples of Thailand is extremely important, not just because they form the majority of the population, but because the future of the economy of the planet is all about food security and investment in organic productivity.

also it is quite interesting  what Max  has  mentioned about  “migration of syber space” !  🙂


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    Before long we’ll have to change too.

    Comment by antipadshist | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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