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“Facts checking” with Suthep

earlier there was  a discussion about  “Facts checking”  on Nation and we blogged about it already.

now there is  new article  on Nation which I feel is relevant to this matter.

Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban gives interview to Nation, among other things (especially about Blue shirts)  he  said the following :

Q:  There is a proposal that the government should negotiate with Thaksin Shinawatra, who is viewed as the root cause of the political conflict.

Suthep :   Don’t you remember that shortly after the government was formed, I asked him for a talk and he rejected it? Today I am not in a position to talk with him. He has already committed a lot of offences. His demands are that he be exempted from jail and his confiscated money be returned. I can’t talk to him now.

Q:  Did Thaksin really say those were his demands?

Suthep :   He did not say it clearly but  it’s clear enough.

well,  yeah –  there is no need for things to be said when they are “clear enough”   !  it is explains  why  “facts checking”  is  quite a difficult task  in Thailand.   🙂

that’s why  I guess  “facts checking”  is mostly absent   in the news of Thai  Media,  or in  gov.  statements – because   the main principle  applied is :

“it’s clear enough”


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