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Suriyasai & Somsal speak on TV

NBT channel just had an interveiw with Somsak and Suryasai, PAD core leaders and fellows who now became leader and secretary of new PAD party.

what comes to my mind seeing them is 2 main things :

1)  that  CRIMINALS  who has illegally occupied  Government house and 2 international  airports last year as well as  led militan insurgency  and for that  have court cases on file  – are not only  free to walk but also are allowed to make a political party and  given  a good publicity and time on national TV –  because NBT channel is now oficcially belongs to government. NOTHING  is  done to  persecute them – last time 20 PAD leaders were called to report to court back in March and after that, already almost 3 months, everything is quite  – in fact there was some news report that  courts has dropped cases against PAD

2)  while PAD  is given  sufficient publicity and time in Thai MSM – anti-government movement UDD  is continued beeing  censored, restricted and supressed. one can’t see ANY interviews  or  programs  where any of UDD leaders would talk or be engaged in discusions.

and this all is in the light of  the  PROPAGANDA  about “reconciliation” and unity and  so called “white shirts” movement aimed at  neutralizing the  “other colors” (as yellow / PAD  and red / UDD movements)  – what a  shameless hypocrasy by   Abhisit and his so called “Democrat” government !

NB blog has a good post on this matter:  “Class Traitor Somsak to be Sonthi’s Nominee

The ultra-rightist anti-democracy PAD mob has established a political party, to be known as New Politics. The new party is to be led (temporarily at least) by the class traitor Somsak Kosaisuk, who was the leader of the union of the State Railway of Thailand – he threatened to call a national strike in support of the anti-democracy movement but was of course ignored by the working classes of Thailand.

The criminal Somsak was one of the chief plotters behind the PAD’s illegal and violence-sodden occupation of Government House and the two international airports and it is to the great surprise of the majority of the people why he is not now serving the lengthy prison sentence his crimes would seem to demand.  Still, he continues to walk the streets along with the other plotters.  It is expected the convicted criminal Sonthi Limthongkul will take over leadership as and when the numerous criminal charges facing him somehow ‘melt away.’ Somsak is a puppet or nominee of Sonthi, therefore – making him rather a hypocrite after he criticized democratically-elected PMs Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat as being ‘nominees’ (both were removed from office after unorthodox court decisions).

some comment on NM blog  expand on this issue :

PAD is the tool of certain factions in the elite who are capable of wielding real power, and these elites at the same time are also a tool of the PAD who have their own agenda. And that agenda isn’t by any means “liberal,” “progressive” or “pro-democratic.”

Just take a look at the movement’s leaders. Chamlong might have been on the right side during Black May …  is an ultra-right-wing fanatical religious cult leader…  His close association with a fringe religious cult (which has split from mainstream Buddhist sangha), and their role as foot-soldiers in his movement, draws religion into politics to an unhealthy degree…

And what about Sondhi L? The guy is the exemplar of a crony capitalist – probably the most ruthless crony capitalist in Thailand besides Thaksin himself. His reckless overborrowing destroyed his media empire when the 1997 crisis hit. His mountain of debts mysteriously disappeared after Thaksin appointed his old buddy, Viroj, president of Krung Thai Bank during his first term. When Viroj became engulfed in unrelated scandals, Thaksin threw Sondhi’s old mate under the bus. Around the same time, Sondhi’s company lost a concession to operate a subsidiary of Channel 11 because of legal complications that arose when the concession was granted. Coincidentally, Sondhi not long after all this transpired went from being Thaksin’s cheerleader-in-chief to his public enemy number 1.

read related post by PPT  titled “Double standards and bias“.  also his previous post  “Democrats, reconciliation and hypocrisy

photo on Nation today:

Caption saying :

NEW POLITICS PARTY leader Somsak Kosaisuk said the party aimed to clean

Thai politics of corruption and injustice, but would not seek power in government.

what a hypocritical BS  from  a chronical drunk demagogue !   🙂

this is explained further here :   ‘Power not primary objective


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