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new  Pravit’s article on Nation about the role of Thai mainstream media :

A battle of the media – which is real, which is fake?

many mainstream media outlets have proved to be less than fair and open-minded in their political reports. Instead, they remain deeply politicised and partisan even as they hide behind a veneer of respectability and trustworthiness. This explains why many yellow, and especially red-shirt supporters, are fed up with current news outlets and want their own paper.

Claims that mainstream media in Thailand is impartial and without any hidden ideology is false. If papers like ASTV-Manager Daily and Thai Red News subscribe to their readers’ politics and are directed by their political leaders, then mainstream media too is operated under free-market dogma wherein big advertisers and major shareholders hold sway.

So, there’s really no such thing as an ideology free media outlet.

The crucial issue here is not whether Thaksin funds the Thai Red News or that People’s Alliance for Democracy leader Sondhi Limthongkul runs ASTV-Manager Daily, the issue is that people ought to be able to read and believe in what they want. They do not deserve to be told by mainstream media or the Thai Journalist’s Association that some media outlets are fake and should not be read.

Decision about the legitimacy of a media outlet, its sincerity and influence over politics should be left up to the public. Now, the mainstream media’s power over political opinion is being challenged more than ever before – by both the red and the yellow camps – and they have no one else to blame but themselves for their dwindling support.

Looks like quite a sober self-critisism to me! 🙂

I agree with his notions that  media’s duty to present FACTs and leave it to public to decide their own opinions on politics and other matters.

I wonder what  Pravit’s boss Yoon and many coleegues on Nation  have to say about  the thoughts expressed in this article ?

once again I  think that Pravit may not  last long as Nation’s staff.


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  2. Nga

    thanks for concern – nah, I’m still around and kicking. 🙂

    you’re right – my last post was like 3 months ago on June 25. somehow after that I’ve gone (or more precisely – my blog) into some kind of a slumber. or “hibernation”? 😀

    I’ve decided to make an answer to your this comment as a separate new post here

    Comment by antipadshist | September 10, 2009 | Reply

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  4. You have been very quiet – Hope alls well, and they haven’t locked you up.

    Comment by nganadeeleg | September 5, 2009 | Reply

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