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why I’ve been quite so long: bua mak mak ! :)

What is “real”? How do you define “real”?

If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain…  Your mind makes it real… You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth… You’ve been living in a dream world… the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth

Death can come for us at any time in any place…

Welcome to the desert of the real

Morpheus (The Matrix trilogy)

I was asked  – why I’ve been quite lately.   well, alright here it goes …

I’ve been quite for a while and  thought I won’t be missed much anyway, or my absence from active participation in “Kokosphere” even noticed.

but it looks like some people at least do notice. and one old buddy Nganadeeleg (aka Hobby – see his blog by clicking on his name)

has dropped me a small comment,  asking about what’s up with me lately:

You have been very quiet – Hope alls well, and they haven’t locked you up.

so, I thought that he is right – I should write some explanation about my silence / absence.  actually I’ve considered doing it already for a while – I guess I was lazy  (unlike some very dedicated  bloggers as BP,  Fonzi and others – who are very committed to their cause and keep posting).  and I’ve  decided to make my answer to him as a separate post here to make it more visible for others as well – whoever might be interested,  if at all.   🙂

so,  yeah – comparing to my active posting and commenting on other blogs previously – this my silence is strange indeed.

there reasons were / are several (I don’t know which one is dominant):

1) VERY bored (with Thai politics);

2) lazy (maintaining one’s own blog  requires certain amount of efforts – much more than even commenting on others’ blogs );

3) busy (blogging takes a lot of time – which is naturally taken away from other IMPORTANT things, as work, business, family matters etc.)

4) perhaps some degree of apathy or indifference (or shall we call it WTF-ness? 🙂 ) :  in the sense that anyway it doesn’t matter much or at all what we write in our blogs.

5) priorities?  I mean:  focus shift to some other  matters, or going on other levels / dimensions?

and finally last, but not the least :

6) lack of  “internet time” (or computer access) – due to my dear spouse becoming increasingly internet addict

and forums/ blogs junkie  as I was !  🙂   (or still am?  I wonder)

so, nobody locked me up -I have more like “locked up” myself. (<b>clarification</b>:  it has nothing to do with “self-censorship”.

although I do confess : I DO practice it a lot.  but then – aren’t we all ?  😉 )

or perhaps rather “UNlocked” ? in the sense that I sort of went to an another dimension(s) :  instead of being focused merely on one level (of superficial observation and smacking Thai politicians – who are mostly a front only, a figure-heads and puppets anyway), I have sort of “transcended” it and gone further, deeper (or rather higher?) and to a bigger scale  as regional, even global, as well as in terms of not only space (geographical and geopolitical borders and boundaries).

also “another dimension” in terms of  TIME vector: in other words,  trying to grasp the reality (or what we perceive as such or merely think it is – well, that’s another whole HUGE separate subject…).  so, I mean – the whole development of NOT ONLY a bunch of people who calls themselves “Thais” at  VERY TINY  limited and insignificant period of time even in comparison to human History (what to speak in terms of a planet, galaxy, universe …),  as well as  pretty small if not tiny country (well, there are tinier – as even Singapore, or Monako, etc) on the globe – which is just 1  relatively tiny planet in one of not even medium size galaxies …

do you get my meaning ?  🙂

also, yet another dimension in terms of … spirituality or “metaphysical” reality, or even more or less physical but more like quantum mechanics and yet even deeper: all those tinier particles to the very core and essence of our own existence as well as of all this whole holographic phantasmagoria  which is floating  around us  as colorful kaleidoscope, blinding and hypnotizing us with its great ILLUSION, luring us into such TRIVIAL and laughable (from the point of true reality of SELF)matters of  such things as POLITICS and thus diverting  us away from proper self-realization into some shite of focusing on some things which do NOT matter anyway for us on both individual level (since we are rather spirit, consciousness – if in uncontaminated / unconditioned state) and on social level of inter-connection and interaction with other people (since anyway we have no any control over things which REALLY going on, and only might THINK that we somehow influence them – as all the politics on the surface, or especially all the gigantic manipulation – on deeper levels)

sometimes I guess I get too bored with all the politics in general, and with Thai politics in particular.  you know, as saying goes:  ‘same sh1t – another day’.

I mean, seriously and frankly honestly looking at all the stuff going on here:

some bunch of  politicians are playing to the tune of their masters – puppeteers, those who pull the strings behind the curtains.  and yet even those oh so hidden puppeteers (as all the army, elite, rich in Thailand – “amartayathipathai“) in their own turn are also pulled by other strings of an actually well concealed puppeteers, even if they do not even realize it.

and of course all the MEDIA  (especially Thai MSM – newspapers, TV, etc)  and even “alternative media” (all the “Kokosphere” :  all Thai blogs, forums etc)  are also gleefully and furiously  engage into this whole BS  of a giant cover-up.  or as Morpheus told Neo :  “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth

so, I knew all this stuff about real/ unreal already quite for a while (say, 20+ years). in fact for large chunk of my life (as 10-15 years) I have not bothered even watching TV or reading news – and somehow never felt like deprived of something essential !  LOL  🙂

but I guess once in a while I get sort of carried away from my main status of passive observer (or total indifference)  into this whole sh1t of  political intrigues, propaganda, logical fallacies exchange, blatant BS, shameless lies etc etc – and then I start to participate in one or other (often several) Forums, blogs etc.  and my last such deviation has gone as far as  starting this whole my own blog – hahaha !

but then the nature of it is – the longer you participate, the  deeper you are tended to dig in order to try uncover all the “real” players and string-pullers.

and of course – the more you do that, the more you come to face the actual REALITY:

that  all this is just one huge elaborate illusion,  Frankenstein-like  Hodge-podge jumble of a tremendous bewildering scenario played all around us;

while the actual processes which better define THE REALITY are  well hidden and often simply beyond our grasp or comprehension.

and so it goes, in cycles :   sometimes I get bored with politics, then after a while get sucked into them again

(well, on merely hobby level – as a discussant only, not an actual participant in any political events or movements or member of any groups).

I guess it happens so because I am still unable to transcend this  illusory lure, and even though I do realize all its illusory BS and waste of time and energy to focus on it –  somehow I am still unable to fix myself on higher level of different realm, where there is better vision of actual things and what DOES matter for each of us as an individual and for the humanity and planet  whole.

so, I guess now I’ll come back out of my slumber for another “season” of blogging and make a few posts again.

Cheers !   🙂


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  1. […] already tried to explain  briefly all these things on my mind  and how they  make me  lazy and bored to continue as prolific blogging as it used to be in the beginning,  also  participation  in […]

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  3. but then hey – look at Khi Kwai blog ! he’s been quite since April – 5 months. although I always considered him being one of the sharpest minds in “Kokosphere”. so, such absence happens not only to me (remember Thai-intelligence blog too? Terry also stopped blogging for quite a long time before he resumed)

    Comment by antipadshist | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. you’re right – the PACE ! I forgot to mention that. yes, mere mortals can’t sustain it (unless they are hired especially for that and handsomely paid as a full time job) – and that was one of main reason why I’ve dropped that PACE. or rather stopped completely – because it used to take HUGE amounts of time – often more than 1 night. and of course that made me neglect many other important duties – which eventually demanded to catch up.

    so, I’m a mere mortal after all as everybody else – just a bit too much addict I guess.

    also, my spouse perhaps got “infected” by my such “prolific” blogging spirit and has started to participate in all sorts of forums. perhaps that was sort of back fire or boomerang effect: “you’ll harvest what you’ve sown”. so, after a while I’ve found myself with increasingly limited computer access – only just enough to check my e-mails and other important stuff. in other words, what is less important has automatically filtered out – which was blogging.

    well, I guess I have to confess, because I remember it now: actually I’ve started to make systematic and conscious effort of spending LESS time blogging / commenting (I guess big THANKS to you in that too for your few hints previously ! 🙂 ) – especially NOT the whole night.

    I am a bit too extreme: apparently I can’t have a firm grip on my strong tendency to be prolific. it happens almost ALWAYS: I think “alright I’ll just have a very brief quick look at this blog or that, or news” – and that is sort of fatal error ! because only after a while I notice that … already several hours has passed ! and you know – for a married person it is rather risky. 😀 (not even mention basic & trivial things as health, financial side etc)

    but I guess you’re right in saying “everyone is waiting for the next blowup“. may be I’m waiting too.

    but yes, I’ll check those spots you recommend.

    Comment by antipadshist | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thanks for the explanation & welcome back.

    You went from being one of the most prolific blogger/commenters on the Thai political scene to zilch – how could we not notice your absence?

    I too am a little bored/disgusted with it all – it seems to be in some sort of holding pattern for the time being and everyone is waiting for the next blowup.
    (but I still cannot resist saying my 2 cents worth – mainly over at Prachatai English lately – check out the comments by Trep over there, but dont let it fire you up too much as the blogging pace you previously set was unsustainable for mere mortals:)

    Comment by nganadeeleg | September 10, 2009 | Reply

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