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Swine flu (H1N1) agiotage: in Thailand Vs in the world

Big Pharma and Monsanto have billions of dollars to profit from on the swine flu and the madly poisoned groceries that you find on shelves of the semi-manufactured products

– Dr Rauni Kilde, Retired senior medical Officer in Finland

The shocking truth about why Obama announced a National Public Health Emergency in the US this weekend (over swine flu “pamdemic”)

7 weeks ago I wrote about Thai politics and Media :

some bunch of  politicians are playing to the tune of their masters – puppeteers, those who pull the strings behind the curtains.  and yet even those oh so hidden puppeteers (as all the army, elite, rich in Thailand – “amartayathipathai“) in their own turn are also pulled by other strings of an actually well concealed puppeteers, even if they do not even realize it.

and of course all the MEDIA  (especially Thai MSM – newspapers, TV, etc)  …  are also gleefully and furiously  engage into this whole BS  of a giant cover-up...

now let me elaborate on and illustrate my point(s) mentioned in that previous post …

I’m increasingly being aware that to view the politics and actually all the other issues and events in Thailand is often (if not always) useless to analyze or even observe without seeing and understanding the whole bigger picture of it in the modern world of  Globalism (not to mention NWO and other similar contexts, which some might hastily and eagerly brand as “conspiracy theories”). Thailand is just a small backward underdeveloped (if not undeveloped)  country which is a tiny morsel for Titan global players who do not bother with such obsolete for them categories as nations, borders, traditions, even sovereignty !  Besides, no matter what uproar might raise those Thais who insist that Thailand has never been colonized and preserved its national identity – it is not a secret for shrewd people that Thailand as it is now is precisely a by-product of a gigantic geopolitical struggle between the sharks dominating past few centuries – most recently (say, past 200 years)   British, French, later Imperial Japan, Russia (Former SU), then after WWII  USA  and China.  Not to mention supra-national entities as various corporations, trusts, hedge-funds, banks(ters) and other bodies – which transcend the mere traditional national powers that be. (it is another big separate subject – how all such entities and persons has shaped the majority of events in past few centuries, practically staging ALL the major events in modern history!)

Thailand is NOT and can NOT possibly be isolated from the rest of the world – the truth recognized and swiftly acted upon by wise Siamese rulers even in 19th century.

therefore, I think to be able to grasp the fuller – if not THE FULL  – picture of what is actually going on in Thailand, one simply can NOT take is “out of context” and try to comprehend all the events and affairs in the country merely in such a limited, localized vision !

I mean,  just 2 examples:  it is not a big secret that the so called “collapse of Communism” in the Former Soviet Union  was not a random chance event but a thoroughly orchestrated and executed plan.  that is a history now. yet another PRESENT day history is being played out right now, in front of our eyes :  bringing  down the ONLY remaining super-power in the world – the USA empire and its almighty Dollar,  bringing the whole proud nation down to its knees and practically and literally turning it  into …  a Socialist style country ! (terms may vary: “Communism for rich“, “Corporate fascism” etc – but the essence remains the same).  how funny is it, huh ?  2 Giant and perhaps BIGGEST super-powers in the whole known human history, as well as former antagonists (or so it was made to appear and to be believed)  were brought down within relatively SHORT period of time – hardly a half century, in fact merely couple of decades !

so, to even THINK that Thailand is anything special or extraordinary  or UNIQUE  to be able to withstand the similar fate, or actually just being affected by those global processes – would be extremely naive and childish !  because consider this: if even those two GIANTS (USSR and USA)  were so easily manipulated and re-shaped, then what to talk about such a small and not at all as powerful/independentcountry as Thailand !

here is just 1 example, a subject quite widely propagated and discussed all over local Thai MSM.

it is a swine-flue (aka H1N1) and the whole blown up agiotage related to it, of course oh so coincidentally happening during the global economic crisis !

here are few curious articles, which some not so long time ago might have branded in category of “conspiracy theories”, if they were not a documented and recorded facts,

albeit not as much reflected in both Western/ global MSM and in local Thai MSM as the vaccination, fear mongering and blatant propaganda unleashed on public earlier this year:

Len Horowitz files pandemic charges against Rockefeller

Drug-industry investigators have uncovered documents exposing an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, [investigative, not some fellas from Nation or Bangkok Post ! :)] have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind the pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions. 🙂 ]

David Rockefeller‘s trust, that engages several powerful partners on Wall Street, including media moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global genocide,” Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.

This ‘partnershipcontrols biotechnology research and development globally. Health commerce internationally is also controlled virtually entirely by this trust that also exercises near complete control over mainstream media to promote/propagandize its products and services for the drug cartel’s organized crime. This trust, in essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing markets, primarily through the mass media companies and propaganda it wields for social engineering and market building,” Dr. Horowitz wrote.”

now, has anyone seen this sort of materials in local Thai media yet ?;)  no wonder ! because even the “Twitter Almighty” has given me only 9 results for “Len Horowitz”  –

what to speak about Thai MSM  (aka “Yellow journalists”) ! WHY ?

it is self-explanatory because  of the involvement of BIG SHARKS of  International  Media owners who ensure the cover-up, such as:

1)  R. Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation which controls among others :

newspapers as The Times, The Sun (UK), NY Post (US), Dow Jones & Company and its WSJ (honestly a big surprise for me !)

20th Century Fox Television (movies)

Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Television Stations, Fox News Channel (one of largest brainwashing neo-con netwrork in US – Fox News)

STAR TV (perhaps the LARGEST  TV and News network in Asia !)

also many other cable TV networks in Europe, Australia etc.

besides, it owns many popular internet  assets :

GameSpy, IGN (hugely popular among kids, teens, youth – PC gamers)

MySpace (needs introduction ?)

Photobucket (hugely popular on-line image hosting site)

2) Thomas Glocer (CEO of Thomson Reuters and former CEO of Reuters)

taking into consideration that  local Thai MSM never lift a finger even to do basic research or investigations within the Thailand itself (but rather prefer to copy-cat the politicians and ajarns), what to speak international news – but instead only copy  the mass-surrogate  sold to them by giant global corporations as AFP, AP and Reuters.

watch the related video on youtube, an interview with Dr. Horowitz :

(please notice in the video other important relevant issues – as WATER supply – and somehow quite coincidentally INCREASINGLY big interest and efforts in Thailand about control of water sources. in fact, one of the MAIN points of Hillary Clinton’s recent visit and memorandum of understanding and so called “Missisippi-Mekong project”  is … CLEAN WATER issue  – not the seemingly more important matters as “terrorism”, “drugs”, “democracy”, “economic crisis” ! 😉

by the way, Dr Horowitz mentions in this video that his mother died because of swine vaccination in 1976 )

of course, Rockefeller I guess is already known well enough, nevertheless, let’s remind what he is involved in :

sort of “philanthropic” organizations as Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Foundation;

JPMorgan Chase & Co (considered as a one of the main culprits and biggest beneficiaries of ongoing global economic crisis), Standard Oil, ExxonMobil, even Federal Reserve (well, at least indirectly – officially, see :  Who Owns and Controls the Federal Reserve?”  and “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”  – in 1983 Chase Manhattan Bank held 14% of NY Fed’s stock) and World Bank and IMF;

powerful supra-national political institutions such as Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, and yet even more higher entity, the “super-VIP club” Committee of 300 (read also Coleman’s book with the same name).

I recall that last year in 2008 there was briefly photo on Nation of  Rockefeller during his visit to Thailand – but only just a photo, without any other details. photo was taken out soon and naturally it was practically unnoticed (or rather intentionally ignored ?) by all the Thai MSM and even “alternative media” (blogs, Forums etc).

so, these fellas all are NOT a jokers but a major players in all the processes going in the world today, from economy to geo/teo-politics !

this alone story described in quoted above article, is alone already sufficient to illustrate what is behind the whole “Swine Flue” hype and the vaccination, now prepared to be implemented, and according to many rumors even forcibly enforced in US.

but if this sort of story, bordering on a “conspiracy theory”,  is now exposing the actual events and facts which prove the whole affair a real conspiracy – then there is even another more mind-blowing information, which is about the whole old nightmarish idea regarding microchips implanted into humans !

Microchip company announces more work on H1N1 tracking system

there are more facts on that website, such as :

Corporate media tries to put own spin on avalanche of injury expected from swine flu shot

watch also related video:

Leading Finnish doctor Rauni Kilde talks about the “swine flu” conspiracy

the goal is to diminish our population at planet Earth by at least 2 thirds …  it’s not the swine flu that’s danger – its INJECTIONS …

since they want to diminish the population   – they start saying that children and pregnant women are the first ones … [to get vaccine]

behind the whole thing is to diminish the world population, because its very toxic, and to get milliards and milliards and milliards into the pockets of those who put them out…
Rumsfeld is also an owner of one of the big drug companies
[see: Gilead Sciences which produces Tamilflu (Oseltamivir) drug supposedly helping with swine flu, G. D. Searle & Co producing contraceptives and laxatives, and Amylin Pharmaceuticals – drugs for the treatment of diabetes, obesity etc]

the target is: to kill as many people as possible and to get as much money as possible

this Flu Case website has a steady regular updates flow – following up on cases all over the world.

from the most recent headlines it is evident that already many people are DYING from the so called swine flu “vaccines” !

in contrast, do we see any such information in local Thai MSM ? judge for yourself,

here are some recent articles, from a brief search  of local Thai newspapers :

‘Drastic’ increase in swine flu andflu-like cases in provinces

September 2, 2009

Some 45,000 patients with underlying diseases such as liver, kidney, and blood disease, heart disease, obesity, together with pregnant women, have been admitted with influenza-like symptoms to hospitals in 61 provinces across the country, the Public Health Ministry revealed yesterday.

970,000 health care volunteers [a whole army of informants, huh? I wonder who these “volunteers” are, who has plenty of time to walk around and  watch out for “flu symptoms” in the crowds! surely ordinary farmers have no so much time, being busy with their hard daily job and often literally struggle for very survival ? ] to detect and screen people who develop influenza-like symptoms in villages … have reported unofficially that 44,258 cases already with serious health problems, together with obesity and pregnancy [is pregnancy now considered a “serious health problem” or  Nation’s reporters are merely being morons as usually ? ], were found with influenza-like symptoms and admitted to hospitals. Of this number, 3,705 had severe symptoms.

Former Public Health Minister, Dr Mongkol Na Songkla, now chair of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s subcommittee to fight a type-A(H1N1) pandemic, said he is worried over the situation upcountry after a dramatic increase of infected people in northern and northeastern provinces [wow !  what a coincidence, huh? somehow the alleged highest numbers are in … those regions which are mostly opposed to current government and are considered a strongholds of  PT and Thaksin 😉    why I am not surprised at all ? ]

We need urgent preventive measures [read: VACCINES !] to control the spread of diseases in these areas,” he said.

Upcountry provinces are important in preventing a second pandemic wave in the city [but of course ! if take into consideration what Dr Horowitz and Dr Kilde said ]

He said he was informed by the Office of Basic Education Commission that about 1,000 schools in rural areas now face water [water mentioned again and again ! ] shortage problems that might affect the influenza pandemic prevention programme [read: VACCINATION !]

“Students would not have enough water to wash their hands to disinfect themselves of the virus,” he said.

In a related story, Cabinet yesterday agreed to list handwash gel and face masks as price controlled products after ministers were told the cost of these items could increase or stocks run short. [yeah, at least rich dudes can make handsome moneys on those mid-term merchandise – before the “vaccine” arrives – aka before systematic elimination starts: I mean, masks and handwash gels are useful only to alive people and can’t be sold to those who’re already dead, right ? 😉 ]

Prepare for new swine flu wave, ministry warns public

September 24, 2009

The Public Health Ministry yesterday urged people to be vigilant in frequently washing their hands and wearing face masks when they are in public areas, in a bid to slow down the second wave of the type-A (H1N1) influenza virus expected to re-emerge from next month until January.

The ministry estimated over 5 million people have been infected [that’s what, 7.69% of the whole country’s population already ? :O ] with the new flu virus during the past four months since the outbreak hit Thailand. “We need collaboration from members of the public to prevent a second wave,” Witthaya added.

To boost public immunity against the new flu infection, Paijit said the government had ordered two million doses of inactivated vaccine. The first lot of 1 million doses will arrive in Thailand in December, while the second lot will be despatched in January next year. Medical workers, pregnant women, and patients with chronic disease will be the first to receive vaccination.

Meanwhile, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) had decided to delay the first phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against a new strain of type A (H1N1) influenza from September 24 to October 6 after tests with guinea pigs found one had an infection in its lungs. Results of the new tests will be released in two weeks. Vaccine trials with 24 human volunteers have been delayed. Meantime, GPO has produced a third lot of the vaccine against the new flu virus and stored it.

so,  they did not even conduct the clinical trials, and dragging on with releasing results  and yet they have already produced large number of this so called “vaccine” and bought more abroad – while the whole PROPAGANDA promoting these “vaccines” and fear mongering campaign is  raging at full speed and scale ! I won’t be suprised if  the “trials” would be oh so coincidentally postponed and delayed till the very time when huge number of  bought from abroad vaccines will arrive !

oh, wait, they already said back in August:   Vaccine proves to be safe for human trial –  so, alrtighty then, everybody line up !

more recent article :

Reasons why Asia needs an urgent health check

and I especially love this one :  US experts to help study nature of new flu virus – no shit !  let me guess …  aren’t those “experts” sponsored by Rocke-fella by chance? 😉

other curious things mentioned in this article, dated August 6, 2009 :

A group of Thai health experts will team up with America’s National Institutes of Health (USNIH) to find out how patients with mild flu symptoms develop the severe form of type-A(H1N1) influenza that has killed 81 people and infected 500,000 in this country since May.

The collaboration between the Children‘s Hospital and USNIH is scheduled for next month in a study of 100 patients with type-A(H1N1) flu in Siriraj Hospital, the Chest Disease Institute, Children’s Hospital, and the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute. USNIH and the United Kingdom’s Wellcome Trust Foundation will provide financial support. [taking into consideration that both UK and US economies and their currencies are greatly screwed by ongoing economic crisis and yet more is to come  – that is a VERY generous of them to sponsor such a noble causes, huh ?! 😉   unless of course there are some other motives and goals at play here]

[now, check it out, don’t you just love morons at Nation :  🙂 ]  The Public Health Ministry is also working with the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention [aka CDCalso see related article down below] on the transmission of type-A(H1N1) flu in households in a bid to prevent infection in families. [so, they are working hard on TRANSMISSION or on PREVENTION ?! like sort of, they infect families first and then figuring out how to “prevent” it ? that surely would be the way to do it, huh ! 😉  and I bet the US “experts” are the best money can buy to ensure that ! ]

now, please Note:  in article quoted earlier above, dated Sep 24 the number mentioned by Ministry is already 5 millions. which imples that in 1.5 month (from Aug 6 to Sep 24 = 49 days = 7 weeks  or less than 2 months)  the number of “infected” has increased by 4.5 millions ? in other words, merely in 7 weeks  there was a TEN TIMES increase – bigger than in ALL previous 4 months ?  that is like a geometrical progression !  :O unless it is a blatant propaganda BS and / or Thai MSM shameless spin. because, it contradicts even their own calculations:  “number of patients with the new flu virus admitted to hospital had dropped from 10,000 cases per day to 8,000“.  so, even if it is 10’000 people per day, then multiplied by 49 days (from Aug 6 to Sep 24 = 49) they supposed to be : 49 X 10’000  = 490’000 people  and add to that other 500’000 mentioned in this Aug 6 article – that makes 1 millions.  and if the number, as they wrote, decreased to 8’000 per day – then it would be 49 X 8’000 = 392’000 allegedly “infected”. so, WHERE are the other 4 millions ?! WHO is lying here – the Nation or Health Ministry ?!  at very least to make sure that their blatant propaganda and fear mongering works   – they should  be not so lazy in their basic maths !

by the way, it is interesting to notice that while Obama in US has declared a “national emergency” due to swine flu and Thailand is working hard to echo this Propaganda BS   – other countries  at very least do not  cry out loud so much neither about number of cases, nor about seriousness of  the virus itself !

for example,  if to believe the latest info of Thai Health Ministry & Thai MSM – the number of cases in Thailand is already 5 millions, and total deaths at 160 people (now, from the source quoted below it is 176 cases) and Bkk Post article dated Oct 28 gives number of 182 fatalities, with population of 65 millions.  lets compare it with data  from other countries : actually in the whole world according to WHO (as quoted on WIki)  the Total number of cases is …  547,305 ! while the same source shows number for Thailand 28,057 cases.  WHO official website shows number dated Oct 23 : “As of 17 October 2009, worldwide there have been more than 414,000 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 and nearly 5000 deaths reported to WHO”  interestingly, WHO source for Thailand not only confirms this number but also shows the maps :

Through 17th October 2009

1. Activity:

· Cumulative confirmed cases: 28,057

§ New cases with onset in past two weeks: 96 (Case Morbidity Rate= 41.43/100,000 pop)

· Cumulative deaths: 176 cases

§ Deaths reported in the past week: 3 deaths

Map showing activity and trend

27 September–3 October 2009                      4-10 October 2009

Blue    = No data (N=23)                                                     Blue    = No data (N=23)

White  = Incomplete data during last 3 weeks(N=13)         White  = Incomplete data during last 3 weeks (N=11)

Yellow = Remain Unchanged (N=32)                                 Yellow = Remain Unchanged (N=37)

Green  = Decreasing  (N=4)                                                Green  = Decreasing (N=3)

Red     = Increasing  (N=4)                                            Red     = Increasing (N=2)

Note: Based on data from selected  hospitals

2. Geographic Spread: Regional

3. Trend: remains unchanged in (37 provinces) to decreasing (3 provinces); increasing (2 provinces)

4. Intensity: Low to Moderate

5. Impact: Low   !!!

Compare it with  info given  in  Nation article above ! (titled “Prepare for new swine flu wave, ministry warns public“) – perhaps it rather WHO who is actually lying ?

further comparison

In Europe on Oct 28th :  280 fatal cases, 3126 Total number in WHOLE Europe admitted to hospitals (with population of 731 millions ! )

in China on Oct 27 :  3 deaths, 35,664 Total cases (with world’s #1 largest population of  1,346 millions !)

in India on Oct 25:  451 deaths, 13,545 Total cases (with world’s #2 largest population of  1,198 millions )

in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) :   all together 1719 deaths, 120,423 Total cases (with population of  453 millions )

in whole Asia (including Thailand, India, China which are already mentioned above) :

1,101 deaths, 185,663 Total cases (with population of 3,879 millions – more than half world’s  !)

the question still remains : WHERE from Nation / Thai Health Ministry has taken this ridiculous number of  5 million infected people ?!  if even in worlds largest countries, and continents  do not have such numbers, or according to all those quoted sources, in the whole world at present moment the Total number of infected people is  merely a half million ?!  and then – what is it if not the BLATANT  BS  and spin,  and what is it intended for if not for deliberate intentional disinformation of its own people, the fear mongering !  what for ?  to make them believe the fake ridiculous information and then force them to accept “vaccine”  – “children and pregnant women first” ?!

so, the Media War goes on in Thailand and in the world. morally dishonest journos lie to their own fellow countrymen – and thus help unscrupulous politicians to exploit the ignorance of masses and help immoral Corporations to make billions on them – that is in the mildest scenario; in the worst, if  so called “vaccines” would be proved to be lethal, instead of  healing – the journos help those cronies capitalists to KILL people en masse !

let’s wait for  the result of  the case filed by Horowitz and see…

here is Dr Horowitz Channel with 34 videos at the moment, (also, there are already many other videos on YouTube with him or without, on this subject matter of vaccination (if you have time, read comments there too) and the most recent Videos of his debate on ABC network in USA dated Oct 21 :

Part 1



follow this vaccination matter on Twitter , here is just a one result obtained from this Twitter search:


don’t mind the appearance of the fella in his youtube video because the info he gives is not a BS – on the right, in Info section he provides the sources,

which are MAIN STREAM MEDIA (what to speak about – how much more concealed information is out there,  thoroughly covered up by  MSM) :

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

  • More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 500 cases of GBS were detected.
  • The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
  • The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
  • The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.
Refusing vaccination may label you a criminal

National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.


CDC States H1N1 Vaccine May Maim and Kill 30,000 Americans, FDA Requires Minimal Vaccine Efficacy

CDC says to assume 1 in every 100,000 vaccine recipients will suffer serious side effects, FDA only requires vaccine be effective in 3 out of every 10 recipients… As unthinkable as this is (destroying or ending the lives of as many as 30,000 Americans), that is only part of the story…  The FDA has announced that a vaccine will be accepted if it creates antibodies in 4 out of 10 recipients (40%), with at least 70 percent of those 4 achieving an antibody level believed to provide benefit. This means that an acceptable vaccine candidate would provide “protection” for 28% of vaccine recipients (70% of the 40%), or less than 3 in 10 recipients. The requirement drops to 18% efficacy for those over 65 years of age (60% of 30%).

Swine flu vaccine trial on pregnant women not set to finish until July 2010 and have no adjuvants

How the hell can they categorically say that the H1N1 is safe for pregnant women and the baby they are carrying. THE TESTS ONLY STARTED IN SEPTEMBER 2009 AND THE END RESULTS WILL BE OUT IN JULY 2010. So they have got NO idea what it is doing to the fetus or maybe they have and that is the idea…”

Children in USA vaccinated with “swine flu” vaccine against parents will (see the comments there too !)

Swine flu jab trials on children not to be completed for a year and photo in one of the comments:

Your Majesty, I’ll do everything I can to keep depopulation under your control

National emergency declaration in USA allows use of squalene

The decision by President Barack Obama to declare a National Emergency over the swine flu pandemic will allow vaccines and drugs such as the adjuvant squalene which have not been approved by the FDA to be used by doctors, hospitals and vaccine clinics. There is a large body of scientific evidence that shows that squalene in the anthrax vaccine was responsible for causing the Gulf  War Syndrome and other diseases in US and UK soldiers. The swine flu jab vaccine contains up to a million times more squalene than the anthrax vaccines, which afflicted an estimated 25 % of all soldiers who got the jab. Squalene is illegal in the USA and UK, but emergency regulations allow the government to use drugs that have not been proven for safety

WHO Memos 1972 Explains How To Turn Vaccines Into A Means Of Killing

United Nations/NWO Plan To Depopulate The Earth

Psychological Warfare Against The Populations

The Optimum Population Trust : What The Hell Is This Devil Of A Think Tank

Prepare for new swine flu wave, ministry warns public


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  1. […] Swine flu Pharmageddon agiotage continues, and so people’s awareness of this whole hoax / fraud and their efforts to expose […]

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  2. Thanks for this – very interesting & scary!

    I find Cryptogon a good site for what MSM call ‘conspiracy theories’ – Thailand hardly hits their radar, but its still well worth visiting IMO (perhaps you already know about that site?)

    Comment by nganadeeleg | October 29, 2009 | Reply

    • well, I do not know it, and , frankly, I do not search for “conspiracy theories” or websites which relate them I rather look for FACTS. and unfortunately (in this particular case, in the sense that I would rather wish these were merely a “conspiracy theories”) – the FACTS which I have found so far show that these are NOT “conspiracy theories” at all ! there are serious people, medical professionals, who do INVESTIGATIONS and posses sufficient knowledge – who choose to alert the public about the risks (to put it mildly) ! and even Western MSM (like, say, Washington Post) show FACTS that, for example, FDA did NOT approve usage of squalane as adjuvant on the territory of USA. now, how many people even there, in US (or any other country, say, Aus or UK) actually know these details and facts, and understand them ? and then, – what to speak about Thailand, caught in the never-ending socio-politico-economical strife !!!

      Comment by antipadshist | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • and there is no need for “conspiracy theories” at all – sufficient merely to compare statements in the 1 single newspaper (Nation) within just a few weeks – the numbers quoted – to start to wonder ! like within merely few days (last week) they first said “estimated 2 mln people”, then few days later it is already “over 15 mln people” who are expected to get infected ! other comparisons (see my other posts) show the same trend – SHAMELESS blatant BS !

      not to mention, that according to WHO website for SEA, the H1N1 situation in Thailand is : Trend Decreasing, Intensity Low to Moderate ! and it
      only shows that there are “Cumulative confirmed cases: 28,057” – while according to Nation (referring to Health Ministry) there are already 5 mln infected !

      so, I would say – if there is indeed a “conspiracy theory” here – than it is rather cooked up by either of them !

      BTW – another curios FACT is – you can check it yourself – that if you go to this page SEAR Countries and try to click on Thailand – then …. you’ll come NOWHERE ! so, why is that? perhaps somebody doesn’t want the actual info to be known ? 😉

      and yet even MORE curious fact is – that for ALL other 10 countries on that list – you CAN open the webpage for each of them, even for NK and Burma – 2 most criticized regimes in the world ! yet somehow Thailand, the “chair-country” of ASEAN chooses to … block the REAL info ? 😉

      Comment by antipadshist | November 3, 2009 | Reply

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