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Pharmageddon ? More facts about Swine Flu “vaccines”

Vaccine may be more dangerous than swine flu

(Dr. Russell Blaylock, Newsmax magazine)

after some more research on the matter of swine flu vaccination, I have found more facts, which I think would be good to share with others…

so, alright, many people are naturally being confused and unsure about all the seemingly contradicting information out there. the average person usually is inclined to believe the “authorities”  – be it gov.,  ministers, “doctors”, some other appointed officials AND somehow Mainstream Media (MSM). it is understandable – the scale of propaganda and brainwashing ongoing in modern times is unmatched – because it is multiplied and magnified by all the achievements of modern technology, especially its IT sector. Information is power, information is money, information is a commodity. No wonder that HUGE Corporations are “professionally” trading it. therefore when some people may emerge who are “swimming against the current” – the most common reaction of an average of CONSUMER (of that information commodity) would be a denial, perhaps outrage, booing that person, ridiculing him etc. that is because the tendency to “accept the authority” is DEEPLY ingrained into people’s minds. in fact the funniest thing is, according to Ellul (author of famous Propaganda book) – that the MORE “educated” person might be, the more (s)he is susceptible to sophisticated propaganda, which no doubt is an ART perfectly practiced by all those Media magnates!  thus,  the BEST way to attempt  to even make people be aware (what to speak – convinced)  is to encourage them to THINK using their common sense.

well, of course to be able to think one has to obtain the FACTS first.

so,  let’s try to invite and encourage people to CHECK FACTS  and then to THINK  for themselves !

because as that our favorite saying goes:

Never believe anything till it’s officially denied” !

so, alright  here are some facts from intelligent and qualified people, facts I think worth examining and of serious thinking about:

Congressman Ron Paul about the Swine Flu:

People die from the Vaccines not from The Flu

The CDC’s Swine Flu Vaccination Genocide

Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1

Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids

vaccine has the content level of toxins (as mercury) much higher than even allowed in food or water !

(mind you : this is clip from Mainstrem Media, Fox News, which would not allow NON qualified doctor to talk on their TV channel !)

Robert Kennedy (author of “Deadly Immunity”) talks about vaccines’ side-effects as Autism

Majority Of Americans Not Accepting H1N1 Vaccine

(the Info section of this video – on the right – has a large reference  “bibliography”, check that out too)

Vaccines: What the Government Research Says

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Baylock On Swine Flu Vaccines

(this is the Part 1 of 4, see Related videos there for other parts)

“The Rockefellers & Social engineering”

interview with Dr.Russell Blaylock

Dr. BlaylockWhere Do Vaccines Come From?

Woman permanently disabled by flu vaccine

CBC report about activists’ campaign

“The Shot Is The Pandemic”

(also check the links provided there)

More Links from various sources:

“Gulf War toxins found in swine flu vaccine” (Daily Express)…

“Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?” (BILD)…

“Infectious disease risk in swine flu jabs” (The Age, Australia)…

“Nano Particles used in untested H1N1 swine flu vaccine” (Global Research)…

Very complete essay on vaccine adjuvants (squalene, aluminum ), with references…

“Fast-tracked swine flu vaccine under fire” (Institute of Science in Society)…

“Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity” (RFK article on mercury-induced autism and brain damage)………….


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