Media War

exposing media bias in Thailand

Middle-man control – in Thailand & globally

here is one more illustration of the earlier mentioned point – that Thailand can’t be simply viewed in isolation from the full picture of whole inter-dependent world :

from LaRouche interview (29:00) on 21 Oct 2009 :

Globalization process has made each nation a victim of other nations, because it no longer has the protection of a margin of self-sufficiency within its own economy. therefore now nobody is independent !  everybody is dependent because they eat something  – someone else produces it…. they have to pay for it  – the MIDDLE MAN controls it. that’s the way the Empire works… so, when you have a margin of 2-3 nations going into bankruptcy, then the trading relationships will transmit the bankruptcy to other countries in the world – no country will come out of it…

and Thailand is certainly VERY MUCH dependent on the processes going on in the world today – first of all due to its economy based mainly on export, 70% income of whole economy – as well as  on import of petrol, fertilizers etc.

so,  in order to grasp the social, political and other processes going on in this country – one has to take into consider a BIGGER picture !

and interestingly, the whole corrupted system in Thailand, makes and ensures the localized projection of the MIDDLE MAN (on different levels – be it agri-brokers  or power-brokers) system into a national model, which ironically is the ROOT of all its problems !  😉

the whole vicious circle of inter-dependence of all those blood-suckers maintains their status quo and ensures that NOTHING is really gonna change.

and the thing is, I increasingly tend to think that till the system of “Middle-man” is not eradicated on the global scale – it is hardly gonna be eradicated locally, particularly in Thailand.


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