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earlier interviews of Jane Burgermeister back in July 2009

9/11 was huge, but this is even bigger than 9/11and will potentially kill millions more people than what happened in ANY

terrorist attack. this itself IS a terrorist attack, this is Bio-terrorism and it is perpetrated  by a governments the people of the world.

Max Igan (8:28-8:50 of  radio talk show )

apparently the interest for the work of  Jane Burgermeister grows  – many people are doing internet search for her name…

interestingly, she has started her efforts at least few months ago, and I guess the main and only reason why her story is not reflected in Mass Media is precisely because of mass COVER UP conducted by all those Giant Media Corporations, which are in league with Pharma cartels and banksters ! I can’t find any other explanation.

nevertheless, there are enough evidences now, that Jane and others (as Dr. Horowits, Dr. Mercola) have been speaking already quite for a long time.

here is a video with Jane’s earlier interview taken by radio host Max Igan (American Voice Radio) back in July 23rd 2009:

the actual interview with Jane starts from around the 3:00 of this clip, which is Part 3 of the 5 posted on youtube with Max Igan.

here are Part 4 and Part 5 :

Part1 and Part 2 are also worth listening to, because there Max talks about the role of WHO in this whole “swine flu affair”, and what probably most of people still have no idea about – that WHO is actually has some special powers (UN mandate) to take over governments which do not comply with imposed by WHO demands !  he also says an interesting thing as “this is because actually all those governments  are not real governments but a CORPORATIONS …”.  the link provided in the Info section of each part to website page “Swine Flu Action” which provides very serious material about WHO,  (which is now called “World’s Homicide Organization” instead of supposed “World Health Organization”), CDC and related implicating info.

there are few other Jane’s interviews, also in July 2009:

(this is Part 1 of 5, see other 4 parts on Youtube. there are also several useful links in Info section there)

yet another radio interview with Jane on July 14th :

(this is Part 1 of 9, see other 8 parts on Youtube)

some other news updates related to H1N1 and “vaccines: :

Health Ministry disproves rumor on vaccination-caused A/H1N1 outbreak in Beijing – another official denial ?  😉

I especially like these parts:

The rumor violates scientific theories and does not consist with the truth,” said the ministry’s spokesman Mao Qunan. “It is totally fabrication.”

Besides, no epidemic outbreak would occur among people who have already been given vaccination, since the vaccine was proved to be effective, he added.

wow ! this is classic, in the best traditions of Marxism-Leninism.  like typical circular reasoning (“reversed premise of the first argument“) fallacy : “ideology of Marxism is right because it is unbeatable ” hahaha ! 😀   BTW I guess this also can be considered as an example of typical Tautology :  “a statement that was true merely by virtue of saying the same thing twice“, because in this quoted example BOTH statements “no epidemic outbreak would occur”  and “vaccine was proved to be effective”  are NOT proven facts, and thus can likely be false !  on other hand,  perhaps Mr. Mao Qunan might be even right in saying so – that it is indeed just a THEORY (as it is clearly sated in this article and I bet it is a very carefully chosen phrasing !),  no better than a wishful thinking – NOT a PROVEN FACT ! because so far whatever news I saw both in Thailand and in US and other western countries show that the ACTUAL results of vaccines trials would NOT be available till may be mid 2010! read :

2009 flu pandemic vaccine  – Production before testing

Pressure for early delivery of vaccine led some companies to accept the risk of taking initial steps toward production of the vaccine before testing was completed

here is what American CDC  website shows at THIS current moment :

Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Project Priority Studies (this is main CDC project for testing safety of vaccines, Priority studies means the most urgent) :

Thimerosal and Autism :  “… This study is in the data collection phase”  – in other words, practically the study even has NOT started yet !

Thimerosal and Neurodevelopment : although the final conclusion is that “weight of the evidence in this study does not support a causal association between early mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and/or immunoglobulins and neuropsychological functioning at ages 7 to 10 years“, it neither  denies that there indeed such cases: “study found only a few statistically significant associations“.

of course, it is also necessary to keep in mind that fact that, according to CDC itself, this  VSD project is : “a collaborative effort between CDC’s Immunization Safety Office and eight large managed care organizations (MCO)”  and it is NOT mentioned  – which particular organizations are engaged in this project and thus whether any of these MCO are related to / influences by large Pharma companies !

however I don’t see on this VSD webpage  anything mentioned about other things, as adjuvant Squalene (used in many vaccines, as for example MF59 by Novartis), which is reportedly is NOT authorized by US FDA !

therefore – HOW can such a THEORY be already be proved without such results ?!  theories might be good – as long as they do not endanger people’s lives !

there are however growing numbers of REAL FACTS provided by professional medical experts all over the world,

such as for example Barbara Fisher’s National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) :

Will Future Swine Flu Vaccines Contain Unlicensed Adjuvants?

Oil-in-water adjuvants (squalene) have not been licensed in the U.S., although they are used in some inactivated vaccines marketed in Europe and other countries (live virus vaccines do not contain adjuvants)…

Oil based adjuvants may increase the risk for vaccine-induced chronic inflammation and autoimmunity in some children and adults genetically predisposed to atypical inflammatory responses and autoimmunity. No published scientific studies have examined whether those already suffering with chronic inflammation associated with brain and immune system dysfunction may be at special risk.

Will Swine Flu Vaccines Contain Mercury?

Thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative added to multi-dose vials of inactivated annual influenza vaccines and other vaccines, has been associated with brain and immune system dysfunction,  including autism.

Thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative added to multi-dose vials of inactivated annual influenza vaccines and other vaccines, has been associated withbrain and immune system dysfunction, including autism. Thimerosal WILL be added as a preservative in multi-dose vials of most inactivated (injected) H1N1 swine flu vaccines

so, good fella Mr. Mao (funnily, “Mao” means “drunk” in Thai !  🙂 )  either doesn’t know these facts, or ignores them, OR perhaps China has developed products which do not include all those toxic ingredients ? which is very doubtful, taking into consideration that even largest Europian Pharma companies with their capacities and funds, so far haven’t developed something better (I guess they haven’t actually bothered to try, intentionally)  – what to speak about China, which most likely, as usually, would try to pose as a main competitor of its vaccine products, and thus to be able to compete, would most likely use cheaper ingredients and technologies.

another thing I wonder about – why Thai Media corporation MCOT  chose to publish this piece of news – unless … I was right in my guess that indeed Thailand is gonna buy (or already bought?) the reported 2mln vaccines from China ?  😉  because taking into consideration that the CHEAPEST  vaccine product made by European companies costs almost 7 EUro, and reportedly Thailand  has  paid only 5 Euro – it is more likely that it is a Chinese, cheaper product, unless  some European company has made a “special discount” ?


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