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H1N1 Fear mongering Propaganda at full swing now !

French residents sue over H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine Nov 2

Nine French residents have taken legal action because they claim that the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination campaign

is an attempt to poison the people of France…  One of the charges is of  “Attempting to administer substances…

of a nature which could result in death.”  Further legal action is said to be planned in the Isére area,

as well as in Paris, Pau and Nantes, by French people who are opposed to the vaccination campaign

German Medical Association Warns AgainstGiving Pandemrix To Young Children & Pregnant Women

Many leading pediatricians, virus experts and medical organizations are concerned about the “adjuvant

booster compound it contains and oppose its use in high-risk groups until more long-term data are collected



Check it out :  the latest already decided and announced plans by gov. for alleged (or planned, as article title implies ?  “plans made for Thais“)  ) H1N1 “pandemic” :

Plans made for Thais possibly get 2nd wave of flu

More than 15 million people, including children under five, were expected to get the second wave of the swine-flu pandemic, because most people had not been immunised against the virus, the Public Health Ministry said yesterday

Though the fatalities have dropped, the disease is expected to continue spreading.

Notice that if merely few days ago (on Oct 27th, then again repeated on Oct 28th) the potential number of infected was estimated as 2 millions (coincidentally, the exact number of  the already ordered vaccines, reportedly “on the way”) – then now the number has been blown up beyond wildest imaginations: 15 millions ! on Sep 24th it was reported that already 5 million people “estimated” as being already infected (although even WHO website gives number  28’000 for Thailand).  so,  5 + 15 = 20 millions – the would be number estimated concocted out of the blue by Public Health Ministry  – that is 31.25% from total population of 64 millions or the third of the country – or every third person !

and here is good Public Health Ministry has already decided for Thai people, particularly interesting to me are :

The ministry also will instruct provincial authorities to set up a ‘war room’ so they can be prepare to handle the pandemic effectively. Once two million doses of inactivated vaccine have been delivered, medical workers will be vaccinated [that is curious and very doubtful, because I bet medical workers should already KNOW what this so called “vaccine” really is ! I wonder how eagerly / willingly they would actually agree to take the “vaccine”, if at all]. They will be followed by women more than three months pregnant, people who weigh more than 100 kilograms [huh ? ]; six-month-old kids; people over 64; and people with neurological impairment. The first shipment is due to arrive in December and January. The ministry said it would order another three million doses if the first lot was not enough. [you bet it will not be – if PLANS are already MADE for 15 millions !] Dr Tawee Chotepitayasunon, head of the Public Health Ministry’s academic team, said lives could be saved if people seek treatment in time. [although according to real unbiased specialists in the West – lives would be saved if  vaccines are NOT taken !  and rather “vaccines”  would actually spread the real pandemic – see links below to fresh articles updates]

well, taking into consideration that “Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kachornprasart oversees the National Outbreak Prevention Operations Centre” – that it is already a done deal !


and a DEAL it is, no doubt, as wistleblowers in the West  increasingly report :


The silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with the vaccine manufacturers.

Almost no more independent medical experts, warns German newspaper [what to speak about Thailand !]

French Health Ministry blanks out key figures from contract for swine flu jab
In other words, French gov. didn’t disclose those who actually profit from those contracts – what to speak of Thailand !  in fact, here one can’t even get the information on the actual cost of these “vaccines” ! this article however gives the price in Euro per 1 dose for each brand :  Sanofi-Pasteur : 6,25 €  ;  Novartis : 9,34 € ;  GSK : 7 € ;  Baxter : 10 €

the cheapest one is 6.25 Euro – that means for Thailand 2 millions vaccines will be 12.5 millions of Euro (or 610 millions of Thai Baht)  – minimum ! of course, most probably Thailand would rather buy from China (as PANFLU  from Sinovac Biotech), although reportedly Thailand “negotiating with two or three companies, which will provide the vaccine at about 5 euros“.

so, it is a huge business, for example Novartis reportedlycould earn as much as 2 billion dollars from the orders for 200 million “swine flu” jabs it has received, it is estimated

Meanwhile, more reports are coming about deaths after “vaccine” :

More deaths from the “swine flu” vaccine – Swedish media no longer reports them

Young Norwegian woman dies after getting the “swine flu” vaccine

Possible hidden hazards of mass vaccination against new influenzaA/H1N1

(Scientific Paper On H1N1 Vaccines Questions Wisdom of Mass Vaccination & Use Of Adjuvanted Vaccines)

Disobey Call for Forced Vaccinations

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume

PhRMA Spending More On Lobbying – US$19.9 Million To Lobby Congress & Federal Agencies In First 9 Months Of 2009

US CDC Grossly Exaggerated Prevalence Of H1N1 Cases

Nine In Isère, France File Complaint About “Swine Flu” Vaccination Campaign On Grounds Vaccine Is Poisonous


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