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BIG woops for WHO H1N1 “vaccine” SCAM !

according to journalist Louise Voller (from The Danish Daily Information),  reports that there is info about WHO  advisers on H1N1 being (been?) paid  by the very same Pharma companies which produce the so called “vaccine” !

Danish journalists claim that the World Health Organization and drug companies producing the swine flu vaccine are in partnership, and that the true nature of their relationship is shrouded in mystery.

“What we do know is that the pharmaceutical companies are present at the meetings of WHO expert groups, but what we don’t know is what they talk about. And another thing is that scientists who appear to be independent are also hired consultants working for the same pharmaceutical companies who produce the vaccines,” says Louise Voller, a journalist at the Danish Daily Information newspaper.

why I am not surprised ?  😀

here is her video interview on the matter :

Jane Burgermeister’s website provides related material :

WHO-Linked Scientists Mixing Swine And Bird Flu To Create Deadly Virus

Russia Could Withdraw from WHO Over Swine Flu Corruption

there are also several news updates on her website  regarding  deaths AFTER vaccination, and  small ACTUAL (lab confirmed) number from actual virus.

local Thai media meanwhile continues  propaganda about the  swine flu pandemic and urges (brainwashes) people to  agree for “vaccine” :

Warnings on flu and diseases related to global warming

Vaccination is not a foolproof solution to the typeA (H1N1) influenza and may ultimately cause paralฌysis in those with health risks, a seminar on the disease and global warming was told yesterday.

People at greatest risk are women more than threemonths pregnant, people weighing more than 100 KG and people with “intelligence challenges” or other mental problems as well as anyone with chronic diseases, said Dr Theerawat Hamejutha, a World Health Organisation (WHO) official

Dr Suphaphorn Watcharaphruetsadee, a WHO researcher, said a viral disease carried by bats could break out in Thailand in the first six months of next year. Research has found that bat populations in seven provinces – Chon Buri, Chachoengsao, Prachin Buri, Sing Buri, Sara Buri and Ayutthaya – carry the disease.

This socalled nipah virus disease could be spreading to pigs and other swine through direct contact with the bats’ urine or saliva, she added.

Asst Professor Jiraphol Sinthunawa of Mahidol University warned against scombrotoxin and toxin in certain fish species. This is caused by fish feeding on new types of poisonous algae that have evolved due to global poisonฌing. Edible sea clams of certain species will also be full of toxin, he said.

notice that Nation newspaper  quotes  those 2 persons related to WHO as an AUTHORITIES!  even though WHO has been so exposed as very much involved with Big Pharma !

Bangkok Post joins the chorus :  Swine flu vaccine effective despite mutations

although it pretends to be trying present “fair and balanced” 😀 news too       :   Severe reactions to swine flu vaccine

oh, and last but not the least – now there is a big TV campaign promoting “AIDS day” in Thailand,  Abhisit himself  is being shown in those TV ads, wow !

although there are increasing number of  reports that  HIV/ AIDS   is a BIGGEST HOAX of the 21st century, and in fact  so called “HIV virus” simply … does not exist  !

and that WHO  has been heavily involved  in creating this BS hoax.

recommended also this series of videos, here is Part 1 :

Aids Hoax 10 Reasons


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