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Happy (hopefully) New Year 2010 to all !


Max Keiser

Well, it is January 1 2010 C.E. (or 2553 B.E.  by Thai calender – although Thai new year is still 3+ months away LOL  🙂 ) – and by tradition  I would like to extend my best wishes to everybody here in Bangkok Blogosphere  (or shortly – Kokosphere) !

Blogging is quite an effort and often becomes a luxury. that’s why  in past several months I have been not so consistent and regular. also because  sometimes (or rather often) I just get tired and bored of all the BS  what constitutes the Thai Politics. I apologize for such irregularity. after all – we’re all human and have lives to live, families to take care of and, frankly – a LOT more fun things to do (as well as more uplifting and enlightening)  than follow up all the SHITE  of  Thai politics, which are  in reality nothing more than unskillful parody on typical scheme prevalent all over the world, namely:  behind-the-curtain players “order the music”  while some clowns as Abhisit or Obama (or replace those name with whatever other, in your own country) play the role of a real leaders, being in reality nothing more than FIGUREHEADS !!!

but once in a while I get sort of carried away from my main priorities (briefly could be defined as: developing my own inner world and reality) and decide to post  few things here. coz after all, this can be also considered as SOME part of those priorities (creating own reality) :  influencing the noo-sphere (according to Vernadsky) or as it is often called nowadays the “info-bio field” of the Earth and universe – through the expressing certain thoughts and opinions which are aimed at dismantling the BS illusion  of “subjugated knowledge”, furiously imposed by the Main Stream Media !

so, the “Insurrection of subjugated knowledge” (the original idea and the main purpose and goal of this “Media War” blog) continues into New Year 2010 !  🙂

I hope that  more people will WAKE UP  and shake away the lies of corporate media and the lies of massive PROPAGANDA unleashed on humanity by its wanna-be “masters” (banksters, all sorts of elite and oligarchs and other shadowy manipulators).

meanwhile the struggle goes on.  I like how Max Keiser  put it, very well reflecting the current ongoing events, similar everywhere in the world,

Thailand no exception and thus what he says is pretty relevant to Thailand too:

On the Edge with Max Keiser – 25 December 2009 (1/3)

(see other parts 2, 3 on youtube in related videos)

I noticed that if nobody speaks up against the oligarchs (they control the health care, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies) – they get shut down or censored or edited or they’re made to growl before the people… because not only stock markets are controlled by these industries with market manipulation, insider trading, but they also control the media in America … they are all controlled by corporate interests, they’re controlled by market manipulators, they’re controlled by Wall Street, they’re controlled by people in Washington like Fed and Treasury. It’s one big complete mess

Isn’t it true for Thailand as well ? I wouldn’t even go into explanations here – let each person find the examples him(her)-self  in Thai Media.

(or one can read some earlier posts on this blog, as well as  those in our Blogroll on the right)

In my several last posts I have been trying to expose the lies and Propaganda  about the so called “swine flu pandemic”, as well as shameless fake numbers of infected in Thailand, as given by Thai Health Ministry.  and now, honestly, I am very surprised to finally find this article on Nation :  Swine-flu vaccine can be dangerous WOW!  really?  what a revelation, huh ?  🙂

well, at least I think  the efforts of activists as Jane Burgermeister and many others (my contribution was very small – merely and mostly copying their materials)  finally bear the fruits !  now  even such a corrupt rotten  propaganda machine as Nation  finally  decided  to post something on the matter.  truly amazing.

of course, these fellas admit only mild and minor things, they would hardly talk about more devious agendas as Depopulation, like in this video :

so, I do HOPE that  this kind of thing  will NOT come true but will fade into past as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory”, as  MSM vigorously try to brand it. I wish all of us in this new 2010 year and all other years to come that such things never happen, that economy will improve and global crisis ends, that wars are no more, that children are not hungry, that mothers have their caring husbands and people their caring governments. I wish all of us  all those good things, although am ashamed that I have even to wish such things which MUST BE  normal, “by default” (speaking in computer terms) – but unfortunately these things nowadays increasingly become in the area of  WISHES.

despite that – I sincerely wish all that and  more, all the real true happiness and all the best !



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