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exposing media bias in Thailand

Thai Media helps “H1N1 Vaccine Fraud and Global Genocide” !

WHO’s flu chief Dr Fukuda announced at the hearing at the Council of Europe that

WHO intended to keep the pandemic emergency level at 6 for another two years

– from Flu Case (by Jane Burgermeister)

The sanctioned vaccines and drugs, such as Tamiflu, are burdening

governments financially and poisoning people globally

– By Sherri Kane

Media War continues in Thailand and in the world on many fronts, particularly on the so called “global pandemic” (aka profiting from reducing population).

here is more detailed  article on the matter :

PharmaMedia to Squelch EU Council’s Secret Investigation into H1N1 Vaccine Fraud and Global Genocide

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will hold a secret hearing next week into the apparent manipulation by BigPharma of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global H1N1 flu campaign. Experts predict the secrecy will be maintained by the PharmaMedia that controls mainstream new.

The PACE hearing currently advancing was prompted by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, chief of health in the Council of Europe representing 47 countries. This inquiry will address the drug cartel’s “false flag” pandemic, and the WHO’s scandalous promotions of swine flu vaccinations that were “fast tracked,” inadequately tested, and now causing more harm than good.

The sanctioned vaccines and drugs, such as Tamiflu, are burdening governments financially and poisoning people globally…

The Council is expected to consider the sudden inexplicable proclamations of  H1N1 vaccine shortages instigated by BigPharma’s advertising gurus paid to respond to widespread distrust of the manufactured flu fright and vaccine sales hype.

Global pandemic promoters used frightful messages to convince scientists, doctors, and global populations that pandemic H1N1 threatened to kill millions. Instead, the virus caused only a tiny fraction of deaths reported during a normal flu season

Genetic Mutation Risking Human Extinction

The most urgent troublesome investigation to be conducted by PACE, and the least likely story to be told by PharmaMedia, involves the FLUMIST vaccine. It transmits “live” “active” unstable viruses–clones of H1N1; mutants created in drug labs–that are passed from vaccinated persons to others not infected. These transmissions risk genetic mutations all along the way… people who consented to get vaccinated and now pose a risk to their family, community, and even the entire human race due to the genetic mutation risks

It is a very good and informative article – but too longe to post it here whole, so, please read it there (click on the URL Link above)

1-2 days ago local Thai TV has shown in one news report the footage of one woman who has lost her unborn yet child because of H1N1 vaccine. this news apparently is being followed up on Thai language TV channels – there were few similar / same  cases reported

H1N1 shots halted after foetus deaths

Vaccination of pregnant women against A(H1N1) was ordered halted in Satun province after two foetuses died in the wombs of vaccinated women, provincial governor Sumeth Lertchaivanichkul said on Thursday…  New reports quoting villagers of Thungwa district  spread on Wednesday that the foetuses of two women died two days after they were vaccinated at Thungwa Hospital… Two days later the two women felt something unusual and returned to Thungwa Hospital for a checkup. Doctors found that both foetuses had died. The exact cause of the deaths was not known

ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME  “Unkown” ?!!!   it was FULLY KNOWN  ALL ALONG  that vaccine  KILLS ! and I am sure that there are already MANY MORE actual cases of unborn babies dying – I am just surprised that Thai MSM somehow has reported even these 2 cases AT ALL !

here is one of the most recent articles  on web (comments there are useful too) :

Is The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Causing Miscarriages?

9 New Stories Of Pain And Loss From Pregnant Women Who Lost Their Babies After Receiving The H1N1 Vaccine

The truth is that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is NOT safe for pregnant women

there is a HUGE cover-up by MSM (mainstream media)  going on – and  somehow I find VERY FEW Thai  blogs and Forums , both in Thai and in English language,  even  discussing this matter at all. nevertheless,  I  was kind of  struck with wonder: “wow, is it true that finally Thai MSM  has allowed themselves to start reporting the TRUTH  ?”  by truth I mean:

1) so called Swine flu Pandemic is  total bull$hit !

see one of the recent international news videos,  here are few :

(see related: H1N1 – False Flag Flu Pandemic )

2) the so called “H1N1 vaccine”  is  in fact a DANGEROUS poison, which is actually aimed at genetically harm or even kill people

3) that Big Pharma and those who directly or indirectly  profit and benefit from it

(such as gov.  agencies, MSM – mainstream media, etc) are engaged in SHAMELESS PROPAGANDA

Drug firms made false H1N1 claims to profit from swine flu vaccine sales.

Now countries are seeking to offload excess stock that was supposedly needed

when the pandemic fear was promoted while the EU investigates claims of fraud.

If  indeed Thai MSM decided to report at least SOME real facts (like those 2 cases of dead unborn babies) – that is in itself already quite an event (perhaps would be correct to say – UNPRECEDENTED event!) so, I have decided to make a new blog post on this event.  for that naturally I have decided to check the local Thai newspapers – do they have a confirmation of these news reports? here are search results on Nation website for keywords “Vaccine“, “H1N1” and “Pandemic”  – see for yourself, news article titles show the same trend of HYSTERICAL PROPAGANDA and fear mongering ! for example :

Swine flu cases on rise again Jan 19 (Two more people died from type-A (H1N1) influenza this week, bringing Thailand’s toll to 198)

Notice here – that now there is now ridiculously bloated up surreal numbers of “infected” people which Nation (and Health Ministry) has been giving previously in Sep-Nov – that time they would make you believe that millions are already infected, and yet many more millions to get infected in Dec-Feb.

Type-A (H1N1) vaccination programme kicks off Jan 12

(2 million doses of the vaccine from French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur)

Thousands receive H1N1 flu vaccination Monday Jan 11

Four develop severe complications after getting new flu vaccine Jan 23

(More than 40,000 people received the influenza vaccine during the first 10 days of the programme) – on Jan 28 this number is already 53’000 people

of course, 2 mln vaccines cost quite a lot – so,  it is imperative to use them up to justify such expenses.

therefore, there is a need to convince people that :  More people infected by flu

We will launch campaigns to encourage more people to get the vaccine,” Public Health Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Dr Siriwat Thiptaradol said yesterday… [oh, yeah !  I have no any slightest doubt about it – that Health Ministry would do their best to “encourage” more people to get vaccine – in other words, scare them, brainwash them, coerce them, by hook or crook  just MAKE THEM  take vaccine !]

According to him, just 53,000 people have gone for their vaccinations since it was made available on Monday. Of those who have been vaccinated, only 20 or so people have developed minor side effects [I bet my ass – this number of “only 20 or so”  is lowered very much]

Chiang Rai saw the highest number of people coming for the vaccine… [that is going according to plan, isn’t it?  as was reported some time previously – gov. agencies already mentioned that  the highest nuber of “infected” is expected in North and North-East – which are so coincedentally happen to be a huge strongholds of anti-government Red-shirt movements]

here are related articles on Bangkok Post, which is seems like a bit more factual and realistic :

H1N1 jabs go on, except in Satun

Vaccination given urgent priority

5 pregnant women react to jab (One of the five, a 39-year-old woman in Satun province, miscarried after being vaccinated; In Canada, 26 vaccinated pregnant women suffered side effects, 19 in Taiwan and 2 in Denmark)  – that is of course selected and I bet very lowered pieces from from already heavily censored  international MSM.

well, as saying goes among expats here: TiT ( “This Is Thailand”) :  while  EU  is  investigating the infuence of Big Pharma in  the False Pandemic (in Norway, Italy, France, Romania, Malta, Kenya,   too),  western countries are dumping their vaccine stocks, Bill Gates so generously gives $10bln to speed up vaccinations (at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland)  – Thai Gov. (by the way – Thai PM Abhisit  is presently there at Davos too) and Thai MSM  continue PROPAGANDA  of swine flu “pandemic” and so called vaccines ! for example, Nation newspaper  continues articles like :

Doctors say flu shots okay for healthy pregnant mothers

Initial results show nasal flu vaccine is safe

Bill Gates speaks at Davos (WEF) :

Just imagine – HOW MANY people would be killed (in other words, how much world population would be reduced – according to plans of NWO) in a decade !

looks  like  there is some almost desperate urgency in the plans and actions of Global Elite, huh ?  😉

more related news :

H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams

Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots

International Hearings Begin On “Falsified” Swine Flu Pandemic –  “Greatest medical scandal of the century” to come under scrutiny

WHO Rejects Claims it Hyped-Up H1N1 Flu

WHO defends its swine flu warning

Why WHO must lower its pandemic level immediately

WHO defends its swine flu warning


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