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exposing media bias in Thailand

Thai MSM continue blatant propaganda BS about “vaccines” safety

Millions were vaccinated for no good reason. It is not even clear that

the vaccine had a positive effect, because it was not clinically tested

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

(Chair of the PACE hearing on WHO H1N1 pandemic)

Thailand has made it to “Flu case” website, and latest statements by gov. officials published by Thai media are :

“Vaccine safe” Jurin Laksanawisit (Thai Public Health Minister)

“The product is certified and safe for use“ Paijit Warachit (Thai Public Health permanent secretary)

here is a great video explaining how Mainstream Media control people’s minds :

Alan Watt-Gerald Celente and G Edward Griffin breaks down how

the controllers use the mass media to condition the Sheeple

Thai MSM are good example of  such control (although too clumsy and too blatant).

here is fresh example of how Thai MSM continue to play along the totally bogus Big Pharma’s agenda :

Nation newspaper latest (Feb3, 2010) article states:  Vaccine safe: Jurin

“Pregnancy-related complications and deaths of foetuses carried by six mothers-to-be had nothing to do

with the type-A(H1N1) influenza vaccine they had received, a senior government doctor said yesterday.

well, alright – perhaps, just may be, that indeed this statement could be correct. let’s suppose that, since really all the circumstances and each individual conditions has to be considered. although somehow these cases has happened AFTER these pregnant women got H1N1 vaccination, not before that. however even IF it is indeed true – it does NOT make true the main point, that “vaccine is safe” ! because there are already many evidences of the exactly opposite, and number of such evidences grows.

(considering the facts that many women are now having difficulties to get pregnant at all – this “vaccination” surely helps to control – or reduce?  – the population)

another FACTS are that these vaccines has NOT been tested on humans – and in fact what they are doing now (Big Pharma and those who play along with it – as in this case Thai gov. represented by its Health Ministry) are precisely that :  TESTING those vaccines on real human mothers-to-be and kids !!! the obvious explanation is: too big money are involved in this whole hoax called “swine flu global pandemic”, and those who are “smart” are eagerly profiting from it (read :  Doctors Vaccinate for Profit)

Bkk Post article reprinted by Jane Burgermeister :

Thailand suspends swine flu vaccination of pregnant women after miscarriage

The Public Health Ministry yesterday denied any link between the vaccinations and the foetal death, but as a precaution suspended flu shots among pregnant women pending an investigation into the miscarriage in the southern province of Satun. It said it would press ahead with a plan for an H1N1 vaccination campaign aimed at high risk groups despite concerns about possible side-effects.”There’s no substantiated report of H1N1 vaccine having a harmful effect on pregnant women,” Public Health permanent secretary Paijit Warachit said yesterday. “The product is certified and safe for use.

alright!  that’s the whole logic of it, – “because it is certified” – huh ?! it is just an obvious too straightforward bias of high level gov. officials in favor of Big Pharma – if not just a plain STUPIDITY ! that is if to give these chaps a credit of doubt and assume that they are merely being “innocently ignorant” and are talking about things which they have no any slightest idea about.

or …

they are rather too cleverly wickedly smart – knowing very vell HOW BLOODY MUCH MONEY are involved in the “pandemic business” : $18 billions !  😉

meanwhile in EU Parlament WHO and Big Pharma are getting grilled about “pandemic”:  Swine Flu Didn’t Fly

should the European investigations conclude that the WHO deliberately incited H1N1 paranoia to levels beyond reason in order to help drug makers, the implication is that both the private and public sectors need better oversight before being given any greater control over health care

WHO Scientist: Swine Flu Pandemic Was “Completely Exaggerated”

A scientist with the World Health Organisation has testified, during ongoing hearings in Strasbourg, France, that the swine flu pandemic was part of an overblown “angst campaign”, devised in conjunction with major drug companies to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers.

Professor Ulrich Keil, director of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology, slammed the organization and its flu chief, Dr Keiji Fukuda while giving evidence before The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

Pharmaceutical companies are thought to have made a profit of somewhere in the region of $7.5-$10 billion on H1N1 vaccines, recouping the billions they had invested in researching and developing pandemic vaccines after the bird flu scares in 2006 and 2007. The worldwide death toll from H1N1 is thought to be around 13,500, just over a third of the number who die from regular flu every year in the U.S. alone. Heading the hearings is the former chairman of the Health Committee of PACE, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. A former German lawmaker, a medical doctor and epidemiologist. Wodarg has referred to the swine flu pandemic as “one of the greatest medical scandals of the century.” Wodarg has pointed out that the WHO softened the definition of a pandemic from an outbreak in several continents at once with an above-average death rate, to one where the spread of the disease is constant. Just one month after changing the definition, and with just 144 people having died from H1N1, the flu was given the highest threat classification possible, a “stage-six pandemic alert”. By comparison, the mildest 20th Century pandemic killed a million people…

“It was stated in panic- stricken terms that this was a flu that could threaten humanity and a great number of humans could fall ill. This is why billions of dollars of medications were bought.” Wodarg said. He added that the the change in definition “made it possible for the pharmaceutical industry to transform this opportunity into cash, under contracts which were mainly secret.” “In my view, the WHO undertook an incomprehensible action, which cannot be justified by scientific evidence. The Council of Europe should investigate this to see how WHO can undertake this kind of dangerous nonsense,” said Dr Wodarg.

well, it is all pretty much covered up to make sure public (the sheeple) to not know anything about it. and no wonder at all that Thai MSM would NEVER publish such news ! (anyone please correct me if I am wrong here – perhaps I’ve missed something and SOME Thai media actually did provide the news reports about this ongoing PACE  hearings on swine flu? so far I haven’t seen ANY SINGLE  piece of info about it in any Thai media)  even though it is NOT some sort of  a “conspiracy theory” but an OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION on a very high level : The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)  !  ( Videos and Transcripts of the statements by Professor Keil, Dr. Wodarg, Dr. Fukuda and Dr. Luc Hessel of the Europeoa Vaccine Manufacturers, along with their biographies are available on the PACE web site)

Winter session: 25-29 January 2010

WHO challenged at public hearing on the handling of the Swine Flu pandemic

here is full 2 hours video with Dr. Ulrich Keil  and  Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.  (I recommend very much watch at least these two persons speeches)

here is brief summaries of  main speakers:

Professor Dr Ulrich Keil, Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology at the University of Munster:

We are witnessing a gigantic misallocations of resources in terms of public health. Governments and public health services are wasting huge amounts of money in investing in pandemic diseases whose evidence base is weak

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg,  medical expert specialising in epidemiology and former Chair of the PACE Sub-committee on Health:

We were told this was a ‘flu which would threaten humanity, and millions would fall ill. This is why millions of dollars of medications were bought. The WHO basically held the trigger for the pandemic preparedness plans, they had a key role to play in deciding on the pandemic. Around 18 billion dollars was spent on this pandemic worldwideThe definition of a pandemic was changed by the WHO last May. It was only this change of definition which made it possible to transform a run-of-the-mill ‘flu into a worldwide pandemic – and made it possible for the pharmaceutical industry to transform this opportunity into cash, under contracts which were mainly secret.

Millions were vaccinated for no good reason. It is not even clear that

the vaccine had a positive effect, because it was not clinically tested.

In my view, the WHO undertook an incomprehensible action, which cannot be justified by the scientific evidence. The Council of Europe should investigate this to see how WHO can undertake this kind of dangerous nonsense.

so would Mr. Jurin  care to provide ANY at all credible EVIDENCES that “Vaccine is safe”  ? (say, the RESULTS of clinical tests ? 😉 ) I doubt it  very much – because if even in Europe’s PACE session Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg has stated plain and clear in presence of WHO officials that it was not clinically tested – then it is very little chance that Thai Health Ministry has been able to produce such test results.

I do not even ask about credibility of Thai Media – particularly Nation – in publishing such a bold statements (“Vacine safe), because they never been known for a FACT CHECKING, what to speak about real serious investigations ! after all,  Mainstream Media nowadays are not supposed to serve people, but big corporations and elite.


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