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1 more unborn baby dead in Thailand – H1N1 “vaccination” news update

Dr Ulrich Keil from the University of Münster and Director of a WHO centre, said that

investigations should be opened into the role of national governments in the swine flu scam

– from Jane BurgermeisterFlu Case” webste

Doctors and specialists worldwide continue exposing lies of WHO and Big Pharma :

This video is by Dr Barbara Fisher (Founder of NVIC and author on NVIC website), talking about campaign unleashed by Mainstream Media loyal to Big Pharma for discrediting a  scientists who dares to speak the truth about vaccines :   Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys

Meanwhile in Thailand the Latest news report on  unborn baby  dead because of  H1N1 “vaccine”   :    Foetus death blamed Feb 6 2010

A fresh case of foetus death related to the government’s national vaccination programme for typeA (H1N1) influenza emerged this week in Chumphon’s Lang Suan district.

The mother lodged a criminal complaint with police. The Public Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Bureau is investigating, and results will be known next week, said Dr Praphas Jittrasirinuwat, chief of the provincial public health office. Sathit Sirisomboon, father of the six month old foetus, said he and his wife, Wannee, who herself narrowly escaped death from the trauma, were devastated.

The 7.5kilogram foetus was reportedly healthy and showed no signs of disease or birth defects that would have caused a miscarriage.

Don’t you just love it how Nation uses word “foetus” – as if it is something not alive, like  unfertilized eggs on some chicken farm !

it is a BABY, a HUMAN – you suckers at Nation !!!

SUE   these motherf*ckers !    especially  Health Ministry  – like  Jurin Laksanawisit  and  Paijit Warachit, who merely few days ago on Feb 3  made a bold statements that “Vaccines are SAFE”  –    despite the facts that at that time there were already at least 4 cases of miscarriages in Satun province   !!!  these bastards  only care about their pockets and continue pushing forward the shameless  agenda of Big Pharma !  last year  in China  few people were executed for the case of melamine  in milk – when many kids died and many got poisoned.   These  unscrupulous  murdering bastards from  Health Ministry  who keep saying “Vaccines are safe”   and thus ARE responsible for  deaths of unborn babies – they also must be  publicly exemplary executed as those culprits in China !  and  Editors of Nation   also exemplary PUNISHED for  continue this  Pharmaganda !  (Propaganda of Big Pharma)

here is  another fresh bias example from Bkk Post  (which also merely copy-and-pasts Health Ministry statements – not bothering to do any facts checking) :

H1N1 flu death toll rises to 201

Three more people died of type A(H1N1) flu last week, bring in the death toll from the virus to 201, Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanavisit said on Monday.  He said the first was a 5-year-old girl in Bangkok who had been sick with a heart ailment since her birth, the second a 7-year-old boy from Sakhon Nakhon who was suffering from  malnutrition, and the third a Bangkok woman, 27, who suffered from heart disease.

From Jan 11-Feb 4 a total of 160,179 had been vaccinated against H1N1.  They included 120,000 medical staff, 36,917 people sick of chronic diseases, 14,684 pregnant women, 4,524 overweighted people, and 1,269 disabled.

201  people  dead from H1N1   for the whole period of time ever since the so called “pandemic”  was announced – about 1 year already.  but how many die monthly from other diseases,  or as specialists rightly point out – from common seasonal flu ?!  so, 201 dead – is a “PANDEMIC“, huh  ?  not to mention that  – usually there is no evidence that it was actually H1N1  virus which was actual cause of death. as one can see – practically always  some other reasons are quoted as well – as sort of  “complications” or catalysts of death. although in reality, according to many specialists,  most of such alleged H1N1 death cases   are totally UNRELATED to H1N1  at all !

Health Ministry and many doctors and scientists  – they knew all along  ever since a long  time that these so called “vaccines”  are NOT safe !  there were more than enough materials  all over internet circulating ever since  March- April last year, when WHO only  started this whole “pandemic” hysteria.  even here on this blog  I have started to post on  H1N1 vaccines  fraud already 4 months ago in Oct 2009, in the middle of  huge propaganda  campaign unveiled  by Thai MSM and  Health Ministry.  surely these suckers in  Thai MSM – (at least those in Nation and Bangkok Post)  are well able to search internet and youtube  to CHECK THE FACTS  about  so called “swine flu pandemic” – no ?   yet they continued it ever since, and even now – in the face of REAL actual cases !  now they can’t  keep silent about it anymore – they  have no choice but publish  at least some individual cases – although perhaps there are surely many more than only those  reported ! I hope that one day all those responsible  will get the just punishment.

Related news  updates on web regarding so called “vaccines” for so called swine flu “pandemic” :

news from European UnionUse of Pandemrix among young people and elderly appears to be unauthorised in EU

news from UK :


… that will never be used after the swine flu alert was scaled down…

Latest figures show that only 4.25 million people have been vaccinated out of the 17 million offered the inoculation. And only 13 million doses have so far been delivered to the NHS. The other 119 million ordered doses are either in warehouses or have not yet been manufactured. So far, the cost of the drugs has remained a secret but some estimates suggest the vaccines could have cost as much as £9 a dose, with a total bill of more than £1billion. The Department of Health is trying to negotiate with the drugs companies GSK and Baxter to see if it can cancel some of the order but it is unclear if it will get any money back.

news from New Zealand :    H1N1 Vaccine Unsafe For Pregnant Women And Children? Feb 7, 2010

news from CanadaSeventeen Cases Of H1N1 Flu Vaccine Damage Being Investigated

news from USA :   Vaccine Science Poisoned by Special Interests in PharmaMedia

news from Germany :   WHO scientist demands investigations at national level into swine flu scam Feb 9, 2010

Dr Ulrich Keil from the University of Münster and Director of a WHO centre, said that investigations should be opened into the role of national governments in the swine flu scam in a hard-hitting interview with the German magazine Stern…  He criticised national infectious disease monitoring bodies as well as WHO for exaggerating the danger of the swine flu…  he said WHO’s plan to keep the world on a pandemic level six emergency for another two years in spite of the evidence there is no pandemic „absurd“ and said the pandemic level should have been reduced „long ago“ …

He said that the real killer diseases of today are not pandemics, but chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes or illnesses that come from a poor diet, smoking or too little exercise. Also, he said that „a billion euros or more has gone up in smoke“ for the swine flu, money sorely needed for other treatments at a time when the health system is suffering from underfunding…

Keil called for stronger regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, noting its influence on governments and academia the lack of independent scientists. He called it a scandal such a high proportion of its revenue is spent on marketing and advertising. The issue of whether bribes, off-shore bank accounts and other financial inducements have been given to officials to get them to go along with the swine flu scam has been spotlighted by the investigation into the activities of Dutch virologist Albert Osterhaus.

Keil focussed on the fact that pharmaceutical companies would still be paid for 34 million swine flu vaccines under current agreements, boosting vaccine manufacturer earnings.  Keil’s interview is sure to add to the pressure to mount a full investigation in Germany into the swine flu scandal.

Dr. Keil was a sound speaker at   recent PACE hearings on H1N1 “vaccines” in Jan 2010.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, another participant and speaker at  PACE, has  recently given  interview for website about the results of  hearings:

Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax

Here are the videos with  him answering questions :

by the way, I just found on Dr Len Horowits’   “”  website  a reference to some  other blogger posting about  Vaccination in Thailand :

Thailand Neglects Global Fraud: Begins Deadly H1N1 Vaccine Injections

although  it is a bit old report – 1 month ago. and  the blogger is from Ireland who merely follows up what’s going on in the world with H1N1.

otherwise I haven’t seen  any local bloggers (be it Thai or farangs) paying much attention to this “pandemic”  issue.

it makes a much easier job for local Thai MSM  to continue spreading their lies that “Vaccines are safe” !

Foetus death blamed


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