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new “Ajarns Watch” alert ! MUST read : Ferrera on Thai politics at FCCT

For Ajahn Panitan to lecture us on “patience,” “democracy,” and “the rule of law” is

the equivalent of Tiger Woods lecturing us on marital fidelity. Are you kidding me?”

– Federico Ferrara

Lately  being tired, bored and pissed with all the  shit  of Thai politics and therefore  lazy to  continue blogging on ongoing mess in Thailand, I felt  compelled to  recommend, as many others before me have done already,  an EXCELLENT  account   of   all this shit   summed up by someone else, the   blogger  Khi Kwai (in Thai literally “buffalo shit” – I guess  his  attempt to convey the American popular  jargon “Bullshit”)   and author or recently published  new book  “Thailand Unhinged: Unraveling the Myth of a Thai-Style Democracy

front cover of book "Thailand Unhinged"

front cover of book "Thailand Unhinged"

Federico Ferrara’s  talk at last FCCT “show” has impressed and already created an instant reaction in Kokosphere (among bloggers in Thailand and on Thai politics).

BP has dedicated  to it his whole post    “Are you kidding me“,  with reference to New Mandala,

where Federico himself  has provided  the text of his talk and thus made a post on NM as a guest contributor.

this is indeed a CLASSIC  ! as Thai Intelligent News blog has rightly calls it, who BTW has kindly posted the whole transcript of  Federico Ferrara’s  talk at last FCCT “show”.

(actually NM  also has a full text)

another blog has provided  more details on this FCCT  meeting, where he has also  posted photos of main speakers as Ferrara, Tanitan, Suranand.

perhaps worth  reading related posts where Federico  has been quoted or commented on (see comments) :

Are you kidding me?

Ferrara et al, at the FCCT

Suranand, Panitan, and Ferrara at the FCCT

Ferrara on Thai politics

Ferrara on the “Network

I especially love the speech Ferrera made, because it  exposes fallacies  of  PAD  and of Thai “Ajarns” (as represented by Panitan at FCCT)    😀

so, I think  one absolutely must read it !

Ferrara et al, at the FCCT


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  1. exactly my own thoughts ! in fact, I see it quite logical that a person RELATIVELY young (well, employing the academical dogmas and standards) would speak up all these things. coz after all, sooner or later it is inevitable that the TIDE OF TIME will sweep away all those old farts who still cling to old wishful thinking !
    (and he himself has pointed that out – talking about “89 y.o. retired general …” 🙂 )

    reminds me once again the words from famous poem :

    … Who the judges are ?
    With age they show hostility to freedom,
    They read the press that dates as far
    Back as the Crimean war. They call it wisdom

    Comment by antipadshist | February 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. Agree entirely.
    Based on the Khi Kwai blog I had the impression Federico was older – Finding out that he is a relatively young academic makes him all the more impressive.

    Great art work on the book cover too.

    Comment by nganadeeleg | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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