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Dump the whole “More Money” system !

World is going nuts about money…

In Thailand  it has had its culmination in a huge show of  “Judgment Day” – blown out of proportions by Thai Media court case of seizing  Thaksin’s money. yeah, well – what a good story for a sensationalist Yellow press, huh? what could be better than  exemplary court case, and especially all the hysteria, rumors, gossip and speculations regarding possible implications of leading to that and its consequences  and impact (coup? new peasant rebellion?).

I can’t  avoid mentioning the  brilliant satire on Not The Nation website  on this subject matter –  how much Thai Media (especially Nation)  excessively and obsessively masturbate the fetish of  “Thaksin-bashing”. in fact, I think most of things written there  are real and true rather than being merely an imaginary satire ! The thing which drives them (especially Nation) nuts  is again money –  both in the sense that they  are eager to see downfall of their cartoonish personage, darling of  Thai Media (good for bashing)  Thaksin,  as well as   –  bashing him is  sooo good for  generating  revenues, which  suffer more and more lately.  MONEY  is a focus  as never before !

Today I was  writing  a comment on other blog and  decided that  it is  rather too lengthy for a comment and decided to make it into a separate post here (instead of hijacking others’ blogs) .

This post is  a bit of deviation  from usual  subjects  I try to blog here about.  but I think it  is related to those other things, because perhaps it is some sort of  summary  of  my contemplation on all those things and many other which I have been  reading, watching, listening, discussing,  thinking about  and which go beyond simply politics or  Media bias in Thailand, or even of   fake global “flu pandemic”,  or things  which encompass all those things and  view them from entirely  other, higher perspective.

I was  thinking, researching and analyzing a lot of information in past several months – particularly, how  all those things happening in Thailand (political problems, social unrest) and in the world (economic crisis,  “pandemic”, rise of  transnational corporate fascism), and perhaps fair to say  in universe (I wouldn’t  got into much details about it here, would only say –  all the metaphysical  and spiritual sides of  our existence and  current events) –   and how   ALL that  affects me personally. and mainly – what and how  I should do  about it.

Once I’ve already tried to explain  briefly all these things on my mind  and how they  make me  lazy and bored to continue as prolific blogging as it used to be in the beginning,  also  participation  in debates and discussions on other blogs and Forums.  then I’ve resumed  more or less regular blogging again, at least for a while. Now  I feel like I am entering a new phase of  being lazy to do blogging – occasional  commenting on other blogs  sometimes is more fun and I guess thoughts provoking.  (also,  often, or most of time,  other people  already  cover up whatever I wanted or would  like to  write about, therefore  it helps continue being lazy 🙂  )

so, here it is, my thoughts on the SYSTEM and  the reasons  why there is so much shit  hits  the fan lately and  flies all over.

Dump the system !

there is NO ANY lack of food, energy and other necessities in the world !  there is sweet abundance of everything,  or  there are enough knowledge, skills and technologies to ensure that  there is abundance, or at least TRUE SUFFICIENCY  (by true I mean – not some FAKE  concept for suppressing  baan-nork peasants more than they are already, while elite continues  their artificial luxurious lives and preaches to those peasants “self-sufficiency“). there can be enough FREE energy, or at least very cheap. as well as many other things  – as  CLEAN water, air, food …
but of course, banksters and their buddies from elite  would never easily agree to / allow   all those things  to  happen !

thus, they  keep gigantic propaganda and brainwashing, as well as all sorts of fear mongering (political, economical, terrorist, nationalistic, etc) – to ensure that the “sheeple” walk steadily to the slaughter-house of  “where and how I can get MORE money!” mentality. although,  more and more people realize the alternatives and decide to move to live and work on land. the best way to weaken the SYSTEM is to quit it:  to move out from cities,  grow your own food, not depend on  petrol, electricity, artificially imposed goods sold in supermarkets, artificial unnecessary services, interests, hobbies, trends, fashions …   in other words – EVERYTHING whatever  generates the “MORE MONEY”  for the SYSTEM !

I observe that at very least the awareness of this is growing –  if not so much people implement  in practice “quitting the system”.

the thing is :  sooner or later  eventually more and more people will realize that there is no any way to solve all those problems (first of all – economical / financial, and then practically automatically – political, geopolitical, environmental and other) – except to  smash, dismantle, destroy the  PARASITIC SYSTEM  of  modern financial-monetary system, which  is already fake and is the real root of all those problems. because it is based upon principle of making profit – which is wrong and evil, because it is cheating, taking advantage of cheated, creating the bigger and better possibilities for cheating and profiting, no matter how immoral they might be. the whole world is being held ensnared and bewildered in this illusion of “MORE MONEY” by MINORITY, who’re making this system run and ensure its sustainability through Media and other means of propaganda. this MINORITY are  those very banksters, corporations, lenders, middle-men, brokers.

and the TRUTH is : political, economical, social, environmental  and whatever other possible crisis (say, some FAKE “pandemic”), or even war or terrorist acts – ALL this is GOOD  for them, because it helps to generate bigger and faster revenues ! hell, I bet that even the catastrophe of a gigantic global scale  would be a very desirable thing for them :  imagine  how much PROFIT they could make off it !   (reminds  of something ?  say,  the whole  2012  hysteria and rumors being intentionally and methodically spread; or, say, of the potential threat of some alien invasion  – the Disclosure agiotage)

so, dumping the SYSTEM for good or at least disconnecting from it, or yet at more least – lessening its grip on oneself   –   I view as a  pretty good  effort, worth trying. and the thing is – naturally some may think that  “how  the SYSTEM can be dumped/  changed ?  it is unrealistic”. of course,  there is no any magic formula  to change it overnight  on a large global scale.

however, it is possible on a personal  level – by trying sort of  to  “Unplug”  (well, yeah, I admit – it reminds me Neo getting Unplagged from  Matrix).

in other words,  by attempting to  depend less on SYSTEM and  more on oneself.  and first step would be  ….  moving to  live  on the land and off the land !  🙂

in that way,  one destroys the SYSTEM at very least on that personal individual level, in one’s own reality / universe. and the more people would do that – the weaker and weaker the SYSTEM will become, and hopefully eventually collapse completely.

well,  the truth is – it looks like I am gonna try it, perhaps pretty soon.  in next couple of weeks  going to travel upcountry  and do a bit of  recon  on the  spot there,  considering the  opportunities and all the related stuff.  coz I realized:  better not to  wait till LARGE loads of shit start hitting some giant turbines   – and instead start acting now already.  😀

I am not being  in anyway naive or idealistic  regarding  being able to prosper  to some luxury  or to become filthy rich  off the land.


my main idea is – to be able to produce my own food (and eventually some other necessary for life things)  enough for  peaceful and happy life, and yet to be able to  have ENOUGH TIME   to appreciate the nature and life itself – instead of  being constantly busy,  whipped  into hurry to  make more money, more money, more money – for the rest of my life.

so, I’ve decided to try it – DUMP THE SYSTEM, UNPLUG from it !  at least  reducing  its tremendous pressure  just a bit – even that much would be a huge relief I guess.

Cheers !   may not be  around for  next  few weeks – going to check the land !  🙂


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