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true face of “Democrat”-bankster Korn

Let’s be clear I am a PAD sympathiser

– Korn Chatikavanij

George Orwell wrote once in 1946 :

Political language …  is designed to make lies sound truthful and  murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Orwell was talking about English language and politicians  more than a century ago – but one might think it was especially said about Thai “Democrats” ! But hey,  after all  current dashing Thai PM  Abhisit  and his old schoolmate & buddy and presently party-mate and co-minister Korn were educated there in UK, at most prestigious Oxford and surely have learned very well from the experts all the intricate subtleties of  that “political language” (demagoguery, fallacies,  overwhelming and dominating opponent with their language skills and other sophisticated BS ) in all finesse.  Perhaps they’ve been especially groomed so for their present mission of  running the show called “democratic government”.  🙂

I’ve commented on other blog about  role of  current Finance Minister Korn  and today I was surprised (NOT !)  to read about his  latest  anger and hypocrisy :

The Democrats, led by Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij, also threatened to mobilise thousands of their constituents to counter the red shirts if  the government failed to evict the red shirts from Rajprasong Intersection.

Korn has met with his fellow Democrats, including Ong-art Klampaiboon, three times since the mass rally began on March 12. The Democrats twice urged but failed to convince Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban to disperse the crowds.

(UPDATE APr 7: Democrats handing out 100’000 stickers opposing red shirts

see also5) Controlled Opposition tactic  from “Government Disinformation Methods“)

well, that’s the the true face of  an angry Korn, so called  “Democrat” (as he loves to call himself). He loves Democracy so much that he urges current government to disperse protesters by force ASAP – or else he will  arrange his own mob.  and guess which mob that would be ? 😉  here is the clue :  Korn has admitted himself  that he is “PAD sympathizer” during PAD’s protests back in 2008.  Although back then he has not only condemned Emergency decree declared by PPP government , but also justified PAD’s actions. here is what he wrote himself in Bangkok Post op-ed on 9 Sep 2008  (he cherishes his writing so much that keeps it archived on his website)  :

Last time my column appeared was Tuesday, Aug 26, the day the People’s Alliance for Democracy broke into NBT television station and Government House. I had written how it was time the gloves were taken off against the government. I wrote about how the government was ignoring normal rules of engagement and was in breach of all decency in the process of pursuing its self-serving goals.  I concluded that we needed to pursue all attempts to convict members of the government, their political party as well as the government itself. Unless we succeed in doing so, the ruling party and their co-conspirators would simply continue to abuse the majority vote given to them by the Thai public.  That same day the PAD decided in their different ways, to take the gloves off too, and it was eerie and disconcerting.  Public reaction to the PAD was swift an opinion poll that day showed 70% public disapproval of this course of action. I wasn’t polled, but I would have agreed with the majority…

Let’s be clear I am a PAD sympathiser…  I retained reasons to remain a sympathiser of the movement.

No point shying away from the obvious after all, it is a well-known fact that one of the PAD leaders, even if he is acting on an individual basis, is a Democrat MP.

Many other key speakers were our candidates in the recent general elections. Almost all of the tens of thousands of the attending public are Democrat voters. Most importantly, the PAD and their supporters make similar arguments with us that the government has lost its way and lost its legitimacy, given breach of both law and ethics. Recently, the government has also lost its authority.

I also believe that, like it or not, the Democrats could not on our own [without PAD] have resisted the PPP or the government from abusing their powers in the seven months of their rule. I think that without our parallel [with PAD] efforts, it is likely that the Constitution would by now have been amended and protection given to both Thaksin and PPP itself.

It is remarkable and bitterly ironic how much damage the emergency decree has caused, relative to the protests that went before it[now though he keeps  talking all over media how UDD protests damage economy]

I disagree with those who say that the whole movement is undemocratic even if some of their demands appear to be less democratic than what is the perceived wisdom.” [if  such demand are made by PAD – but  not by UDD]

now,  here is the best part :

Many observers say that it is undemocratic for a crowd to call for the resignation of an elected government. I find that to be absurd. It is true that a government should only be removed through parliamentary process, but not true that this implies the general public cannot voice their desire for a change in government…
The day after the Government House break-in was a strange one for me. I was saddened by the PAD decision to cross the legal line. Yet I understood it from the perspective of strategy
[now though he apparently refuses to understand UDD’s strategy similar to but not as criminal and much less violent than PAD’s back then ] … Their move on Government House fits what is called the “Death Ground” strategy putting yourself in a situation where you have too much at stake to lose…
I simply thought, screw the opinion polls, the people attending the rally don’t deserve to be vilified as criminals and I decided to go visit them
An emotional night became more so as I realized that my visit and its timing had touched a nerve.  People were moved, as was I.  I made it a point not to enter the grounds of Government House and certainly not onto the stage. In my mind I was clear: I was visiting the people, not the movement or its leaders. I see the people as heroes pure in their beliefs, certain in their desire to see positive change in the country, and willing to be active citizens. Is this not the seed of true democracy? Call me a romantic but if you’re not, you shouldn’t be in politics

so, this time around though – Korn  doesn’t  want to “visit the people” (I wouldn’t be surprised that he, as most PAD and “pink shirts”, doesn’t even consider UDD as a people at all)  at Red-shirts rally, doesn’t  call them “heroes” sowing “seeds of true democracy“.  thus personally I don’t consider Korn a romantic – but a  SHAMELESS HYPOCRITE !  and I think only such hypocrites as Korn  manage to get into politics and be successful there.  after all, what can be expected from him?  he is the typical Bankster (formerly was working Thai JP Morgan – a bank which is greatly responsible for ongoing economical crisis),  and elitist  who has very little real regard for PEOPLE, but only cares about money and how to help his fellow elite and banksters – thanks to good JP Morgan and SG Warburg.

Clarification regarding Bankster” and why precisely Korn fits into this category,  see what characterizes  “Bankster” :

They have chosen the expected course, which is to increase the debt and print money, which is the way they save themselves and their banking system. In short, given a choice between saving the people and saving themselves after a collapse, they have taken the expected course which is to attempt to save themselves. What else would you expect? If they had wanted to save the people they would have taken the peoples bailout money and handed it to them in the form of a check. Instead they handed it to the banks.

Although they have been somewhat successful in reducing the insolvency of the banking system, they have effectively created a giant wealth transfer mechanism whereby all the money that disappeared in the collapse was re created out of thin air and given to the banks and wall street.

Back in 2008 Bangkok Pundit has already previously  extensively analyzed this above Korn’s  article.

Few months later, when PAD has also seized 2 international airports apart from Government House,  on Dec 12 Korn wrote again :

As I write, the Emergency Decree has been announced though no action as yet has been taken against the protesters…

The consistent line taken by the government is: we cannot resign or dissolve parliament because we need to protect democracy.

This is wrong. Any genuinely democratic government would feel responsible for what is happening and, conversely, only non-democratic regimes would feel that it can hold on to power even though it can no longer govern

The public is clamouring for the PAD’s head for causing disruption and economic damage, and though this is understandable, just imagine if instead of just sitting peacefully outside the airport, they had gone in and gunned down travelers inside the terminal. Imagine if they then said they would continue to do the same until the government quits…  The situation today is dire, but it is not the worst-case scenario. This damage can be repaired. [nice logic, huh?  😉  somehow he doesn’t use same logic NOW towards UDD]

The bottom-line message to my fellow politicians is: we chose to become politicians to help the country, and if quitting is the best way to ensure peace and a chance to move forward, then why even hesitate? … As a finance man, I understand the problem of “moral hazard” better than most. The concept of not wanting to set a bad precedent is critical in creating the right regulatory and governance system. However, in a crisis, it is almost always a mistake to be concerned about moral hazards…  The same is true with the current political crisis. The government should not be so self-serving in its repeated use of the argument that giving in to the PAD would undermine the ability of governments in the future to rule. That is an academic moral hazard issue that is irrelevant to the solving of today’s problem.

The government’s role is always as a problem-solver and, without a doubt, it is within its powers to solve the problem today. All it has to do is resign. That it refuses to do this is an abuse of the power entrusted to them by the people… It appears that the government is happy to be seen to represent only its supporters, and that is depressing for the rest of us…

wow,  such a highly righteous words ! and … VERY MUCH  applicable to the present government of his buddy Abhisit, in which he also works himself.  as saying goes: “what goes around comes around” – but this time  Korn  is far from following his own words said back then.  Instead he urges  to use force to disperse anti-government rally. Compare it  with latest PAD’s  blatant demagoguery exposed by PPT.  Fonzi has  also debunked Korn several times previously.

BTW  a curious  information about Korn is :

Korn played a major role in examining PM Thaksin Shinwatra government’s economic policies including the Shin Corporation Deal Scandal.”

the less known (or forgotten by now) fact about Korn’s love affair with Thaksin and TRT  is :

Democrat Party deputy secretary-general Korn Chatikavanij yesterday threatened to sue the Thai Rak Thai Party for defaming his family by alleging that it had not properly paid taxes for share sales.

The call from two of the ruling party’s MPs [oops, one of them was …  Jatuporn, present UDD leader and PT MP 😉 ] for the Revenue Department to launch a tax-evasion investigation of his father, Kraisri Chatikavanij, and his uncle Kasem Chatikavanij, was the latest in a persistent series of attempts by the party to discredit his family, Korn said.

Korn has been playing a key role in exposing alleged irregularities related to the sale of Shin Corp shares by the family of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra…

The allegation … that his father and uncle had evaded taxes in the sale of over 6 million shares in JF Thanakom Co in 2000 was false… He and his family welcome an investigation by the Revenue Department, he added. [in another article it was mentioned a different case:Korn’s father, Kraisri Chatikavanij, made a wrong decision to adjust the tariff rate for a batch of cars when he was director-general of the Customs DepartmentHis father had previously transferred his shares to his children so he had no shares to sell that year, Korn said. “I and other relatives have documents to prove that we have paid taxes properly,” he said. He pointed out that information on tax payments is confidential and it is unusual that the two MPs were able to find “partial” information to use to attack his family.

so, Korn has eventually succeeded in punishing Thaksin (taking away both his PM-ship and then money – although back in 2006  SEC has cleared Thaksin of all wrongdoings, but then later junta’s own AEC restated the case, the rest was a month ago – when finally 46 bln THB were seized, and other 30 bln remain frozen).

I bet Korn gleefully rejoices  – after all, finally he has achieved what he wanted  during all those last 4 years  (since Feb 2006) !  😀

Shinawatras’ billions to be transferred to treasury ‘in the next week’

Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij yesterday said delays so far involved the authorizations from the

National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of the Attorney-General to the ministry for the transfers.

Korn’s own family though …  taking into consideration who Korn’s father, uncle and grandfather were, it is not surprising that case against them never even materialized.


this whole  fuss (about Thaksin’s  alleged corruption) by Korn, Abhisit and all their fellow  so called “Democrats”  is practically what is  called  “The pot calling the kettle black” – or as in Thai there is similar  proverb  “A chicken sees the snake’s foot and a snake sees the chicken’s breast”  (ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่ – “Kai hen teen ngu, ngu hen nom kai“,  meaning  “Two parties who know each other secret“.)

somehow this fuss reminds me about similar case :  brother of  Chuan “The Painter, Raluek Leekpai, embezzled $9 mln in 1987 and run abroad where he was hiding in Taiwan for almost 20 years, till his case  has “expired” and thus dropped;  also Suthep Thaugsuban (present Deputy PM) was one of the main culprits responsible for collapse of  of   Chuan’s 1st  “Democrat” government  back in 1995 precisely because of corruption )

so, who would have talked about corruption – but not “Democrats”, notorious for their own big corruption scandals !  🙂


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  1. Hobby

    thanks for appreciation. 🙂

    yeah, I saw that there is no your reply on Terry’s blog.
    anyway, at least good that you had a look at it, and I assume checked the sources I’ve provided. because I think that High Sociology concept provides a lot of important keys to proper better understanding of what is actually going on all around the world, Thailand not exception.

    Comment by antipadshist | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. Nice find – thanks:)

    btw, my response to you over at Terry’s site never appeared – I think it’s a lost in cyberspace issue & not Terry moderating me.
    It was just an outline of a personal theory I have – I might get the energy to write it up again one day.

    Comment by nganadeeleg | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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