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Thai man-made floods: “Why, why – tell me why?”

Tell me why does it have to be like this ?
Tell me why is there something I have missed ?
Tell me why cos I don’t understand.
When so many need somebody we don’t give a helping hand.
Tell me why ? why, why do we say we care
Tell me why, why, why do we stand and stare
just tell me why, why, why ?

“Tell Me Why” Declan Galbraith

WHY the biggest floods in Thailand were ALLOWED to happen?! that’s right – ALLOWED, if not PLANNED well in advance. It can no longer be covered up even by MSM that the ongoing disaster was IS man made ! And capitalized on by greedy TNCs – same as earthquake in Haiti, droughts in Australia, fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan…

Bangkok Pundit on his blog has explicitly explained and proved with substantial references that the ongoing floods in Thailand are NOT natural disaster, but artificially created, due to “water mismanagement”.

Thailand: Why was so much water kept in the dams?
Part 1, Part 2
This incident does not result from a natural disaster. Our problem is that we do not know how to manage water. We did not assess from the beginning of the rainy season whether there would be lots of rain and how much water should have been held in the dams.

The problem is water management,’ Smith said. ‘We kept too much water in the dams early in the rainy season, and now at the end of the season, they have to release a large amount of water at the same time, which has caused floods.’

Babngkok Pundit has more articles on this matter, extensively and explicitly discussing it from all angles – simply read all the latest articles on his blog for Octobet month 2011.

He raises many “WHYs”. Some he answers, other remain to be answered.

“So why were the dams – there are plenty of others – allowed to get so full?”

Will we receive an explanation as to why so little water was discharged in the dry season leading to the dams becoming fuller and fuller to the point that such a large daily discharge was required in the rainy season once the flooding had already started?”

I commend BP for raising these questions and questioning the official version. At least someone continues to expose blatant bias of Mainstream Media! However he naturally being cautious and as I get impression – quite politically correct. Well, will we EVER get explanations indeed? I doubt it very much. Because there are much bigger issues at stake than merely destroying houses and livelihoods of so many people, and even deaths – there are HUGE MONEY invloved!

That’s right, the old good clue works as usually: “Follow the money!” I fact even a year ago, I have tried to do just a very briefest research on connection between 2010 floods with such issues as Monopolization of rice seeds trade as well as “Water Control” in the Indochina as central doctrine of USA Foreign policy in the region. Read our previous 2 posts, almost 1 year old:

Floods help to pave the way for GMO rice seeds?

GMO seeds & other things are spreading in Thailand

So, adhering to this rule, let’s FOLLOW THE MONEY !

Thai Rice: Trade, Culture and Freedom from GM Seed  –  I’ll not make any quotes, just scroll down on that page and read about Monsanto’s “terminator technology”. Mind you- this article is 10 years old ! So, it has taken quite a bit to come a long way to the accomplishment of desired results – but then, such GIGANTIC Trans-National Corporations have all the means and resources to wait out and devise thorough plan to achieve their goals.

Related :

Global Rice To Expand

Biotech GM Seeds Buccaneers destroy India’s Rice Economy

Preparing for Worldwide Genetic Control – Monsanto India

Monsanto, World’s Largest Genetically Modified Food Producer, To Be Charged With Biopiracy In India

China: Genetically Modified Rice Seeds Discovered in Hunan Province

As problems of GMO crops mount in U.S., Monsanto, DuPont, Dow look to China and India

Monsanto is secretly poisoning the population with Roundup – again and again !

GM contamination warning triggers call for ban on US rice

Monsanto sows seeds of controversy

Haitian peasants march against Monsanto Company for food and seed sovereignty

Many Haitians consider Monsanto’s seed donation to be part of a broader strategy of US economic and political imperialism. “The Haitian government is using the earthquake to sell the country to the multinationals,” stated Jean-Baptiste. Vancil stated that opening up Haitian markets to Monsanto’s products “would be good.”7

Monsanto is emphasizing that the donated seed is hybrid and not genetically-modified (GM)8. However, hybrid seed will not increase Haitian farmers’ food sovereignty or self-reliance; Monsanto acknowledges that they will be unable to save seed to plant in the future

Well, Haitians already been there and figured it all out. Why then Thais are still asking “Why?” – if asking at all?

Isn’t it pretty clear – WHY? Simple enough: what can’t be achieved directly through barging into the market, can be achieved indirectly, gradually through sly sinister process of first DESTROYING the GIGANTIC areas of rice fields, thus ensuring that NO ANY farmers are able to save harvest, nor seeds for next season. Then – “donate” to them “hybrid” seeds at first (they will still do the purpose : ensuring that farmers can’t collect seeds from harvested hybrid rice, thus forced to buy again and again), then gradually introduce “better species” – yeah, like “resistant to floods”, etc. And voila ! You’ve got yourself a TOTAL control of the rice trade in the WORLD’S LARGEST rice exporting country ! Rings the bell? I mean, regarding the “Follow the money” clue.

A Message from the Anonymous 1%

we own the “food” too. We’ve been squeezing out family farmers for decades and agribusiness is a different focus. Producing “food” is far less important than controlling all of the world’s production. In fact, what we produce isn’t even food, its GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms. What we are feeding the world right now is largely an experiment. But boy is it profitable

We also own the patent on food. Your taxes funded research that has given us control of the entire worlds food supply, the terminator seed.

At a biotech industry conference in January 1999, a representative from Arthur Anderson, LLP explained how they had helped Monsanto design their strategic plan. First, his team asked Monsanto executives what their ideal future looked like in 15 to 20 years. The executives described a world with 100 percent of all commercial seeds genetically modified and patented. Anderson consultants then worked backwards from that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural seeds were virtually extinct. And we are almost there.

Oh, and before someone objects that gov. may not be aware. PLEEEEASE! don’t be so naive! Monsanto and similar TNCs are so huge and influential that they are able to lobby and bully governments of much larger and developed countries. Don’t just take my word – simply Google it, don’t be lazy!

Monsanto’s Seeds Of Growth

Wikileaks: GMO conspiracy reaches highest levels of US Government

U.S. State Dept. Sought To Punish France For Banning Monsanto GMO Corn

U.S. looks to Monsanto to feed the world

At the annual World Economic Forum this past weekend in Davos, Switzerland, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Director Rajiv Shah stood beside CEOs from Monsanto and other infamous giant corporations, and announced U.S. support for a “New Vision for Agriculture.”

Not so hidden agenda

the Administration’s approach to internationalism looks more like this: If a country hesitates to import our products for their own reasons, we unleash sustained retaliatory measures, as revealed by the recent Wiki Leaks’ release of a U.S. plan to punish France and indeed the entire EU for France’s unwillingness to import U.S. GMO products:

Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory.

That’s how we deal with our European “allies.” But we target poor countries even more insidiously, especially when they are made vulnerable by devastating floods or earthquakes: we simply start pouring in agricultural inputs designed to get them onto the corporate industrial agriculture treadmill and thus crack open their markets.

Get ’em while they’re down

In Pakistan, over 20 million were displaced and 2,000 people killed during last year’s massive floods, triggering an outpouring of aid in the form of massive amounts of industrial agricultural inputs. Is this aid helpful? Our sister organization, PAN Asia Pacific and local community groups say no.

With Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Du Pont, Dow Chemical and Cargill among the long list of donors to Pakistan’s rehabilitation, the suspicion is high that these companies can use the situation to get their GM seeds on the ground and make contamination a done deal.

“The destruction isn’t over yet. A big threat looms in the way the government is rebuilding agriculture, in partnership with big agribusiness companies, in the flood-stricken areas of Pakistan,” says Azra Sayeed of Roots for Equity, a Karachi-based grassroots NGO that works with small and landless peasants in the flooded areas.

Similarly, Haitians have had to fight back to retain local control of resources, in the face of U.S. and Monsanto “earthquake aid” packages. As global food policy analyst Devinder Sharma wrote on Huffington Post, “Every global crisis provides an opportunity for business. Multinational giants are quick to grab it.

It is in the open, on one of American Agri websites. And date of this article is Feb 2011 – well before current floods in Thailand has started ! Anymore questions or doubts – that IT HAS BEEN ALL THOROUGHLY PLANNED OUT in advance and even formally announced on Davos? OOPS! who was the eager attendant of Davos back then? 😉 but of course – Oh, so Handsome Thai PM Ai-hee-sh1t ! of course most probably along with his old school buddy from Eton – popKorn, who coincidentally was the former Chief of Thai branch of JP Morgan. 🙂

So, now we can understand the “WHY” and the “would we ever hear the EXPLANATIONS”. Because local Thai corporations are closely and EAGERLY involved! they KNOW that it will be like that anyway – since Thailand is too small and too lacking influence to resist the onslaught of such Trans-National Corporations as Monsanto, especially when it is included in US official policy! Therefore, practically as always, local Thai guys are simply COMPLY, and try to get their own slice of a pie – while they still can. THAT IS WHY !

Genetics to produce more rice – article in Bangkok Post, dated  9th March 2011! not a big suprise to find Monsanto among the active members of The Thai Seed Trade Association (THASTA) similar or same article: Hybrid rice imports pushed

Caption: “Mr Pacholk wants the government to relax its regulations on rice-seed imports for the sake of research”

Of course there are other companies involved in this too: Bayer Settles With Farmers Over Modified Rice Seeds


Occupy Wall Street and Food

Are Biotech Foods Safe?

Science hits GM crops (while China stops sowing)

GM foods: a ‘biotech revolution’?

Floods in SE Asia causing serious food shortages

Protest against Monsanto-PDA-IRRI deal in Thailand – 1999

Genetically Engineered Rice Threatens Asian Countries

Hybrid rice in Asia: An unfolding threat

The Great seed robbery! – Monsanto strikes again!

The Monsanto/Bill Gates Plot: Genetically Engineered Rice Threatens Asian Countries

A New Rice Revolution on the Way?

Disastrous floods in Pakistan, drought in Australia, fires and drought in Russia, all combined to spur concern that the world could be on the brink of a food crisis to rival that endured in 2007… Imbalances in the demand-supply chain and hoarding by national governments have forced the World Food Program to initiate a number of emergency projects to continue the delivery of food to the world’s poor. Rice in particular faces problems from climate change.

Thai-language newspapers – October 20, 2004

Thailand should study more about GMOs and develop a Thai way so as not to rely on the foreign countries or getting seeds from the Monsanto company.

Genetically Engineered Rice is a Trojan Horse: Misled by Bill Gates and Monsanto

In Thailand at least, however, a little known and unpublicized agricultural policy protects Thai rice from the risks of GMO‘s. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture’s “Rice Strategy” is a master plan committed to strengthening the nation’s rice production while promoting farmers’ livelihoods and consumer confidence — which includes keeping Thai rice GMO (genetically modified organism)-free…

News on Monsanto – Updates

Informed sources in Thailand and South Korea report that government advisors and officials have begun discussions and deliberations to require mandatory labeling and safety-testing of genetically engineered foods and crops, despite anticipated objections from the U.S. Embassy. On November 6 the influential Thailand Biotech Centre admitted that “genetically engineered foods and agricultural products may pose a health hazard.” Dr. Suthat Sriwathanapong, of the National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Technology, said that to “protect consumers against this possible health risk,” the Thai Food and Drug Administration should issue a more comprehensive rule to regulate genetically engineered drugs and products.

That’s probably another reason why ARTIFICIAL floods were so desperately needed – to unsure that GMO rice ultimately gets through the back door into Thailand.

This was just a brief search. Those interested – please do your own search to get more info. but the essence is pretty clear.

The Genetic Conspiracy (1/3) – about Monsanto

Monsanto and the Seeds of Evil


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