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Learning Flood lessons from Thai proverbs

Trying to stay tuned to the development of ongoing Floods in Thailand…

Quoted above are some Thai & other proverbs. It’s very interesting how folk wisdom relates to current events!

1) น้ำขึ้นให้รีบตัก – When water rises – hurry to get some

First proverb “Naam keun hai reeb dtak” means in English more or less : “Make hay while the sun shines” or in other version “Seize the opportunity

2) ปั้นน้ำ้เป็นตัว Mold water into a shape

Second proverb “Pann naam pen tua” means : “Building fanciful stories out of thin air

3) น้ำลดตอผุด – When the water level is low, the stump speaks

Third proverb “Naam lod tor pud” means : “Wrong doings can’t be hidden from view forever” or “The truth (eventually) comes out to light

4) น้ำนิ่งไหลลึก – Still water runs deep

Forth proverb “Naam ning hil luk” means : “Someone who says very little often is very knowledgeable

or “People who are calm and tranquil on the outside, often have a strong, ‘deeppersonality

5) เวลาและกระแสน้ำไม่เคยคอยใคร – Time and tide wait for no one

Fifth proverb “Welaa lea krasena mee khey khxy khır

6) มือไม่พายเอาเท้าราน้ำ – Not paddling, even hang feet in the water

6th “A person who doesn’t help but only hinders progress

7) กันไว้ดีกว่าแก้  – Preventive measure is better than curative measure

7th proverb : “Gan wy dtee gwaa gae

8) งมเข็มในมหาสมุทรLooking for a pin in the ocean

8th proverb : “Ngom kem nai mahaa-sa-mut” meaning: “Don’t try the impossible.


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