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Term “Media War” is not new and wasn’t invented by us. it’s been used quote for a while, long before this blog has started.

here is a good  relevant article elsewhere to provide an idea of what we mean by “Media War“, even though it is not about Thailand, but the idea is the same.

I recommend to read the whole thing, here are just a few quotes :

Let The Media War Begin

mass media war

... the mainstream media is an elaborate and sophisticated propaganda apparatus that is designed and utilized to deceive, manipulate, dumb down, distract and marginalize the  public. We realize that the mainstream media is not giving us the vital information that we need to develop informed opinions and participate in this so-called “democracy” …

The censorship most prevalent today is the most dangerous form. Not the censorship of explicit words, sex or violence, but the censorship of any thoughts outside of elite corporate ideology. Any views that lead to critical thought on the prevailing elite market dominance are not allowed to enter into public consciousness (the mass media)....

We must get our message through elite corporate censors who seek to maintain the status quo and only half-heartedly attempt half-measures. The time for half-measures is over! We must begin to take bold actions now. We need to widen the scope of debate and expand the spectrum of thinkable thought. We must destroy the propaganda system and dismantle the concentration of media ownership

The Power Elite expend such great effort in controlling our communication and information system because they fear the … public more than any other enemy. They understand that if they lose their grip on our mass media, their lies and injustices will be exposed to the very people who can put a stop to their crimes The mass media is the foundation of the elite power structure. Without domination of the mass media the elite power structure is a house of cards.

blogger in computer

Once the people can get their message through elite censors, the necessary evolution will occur. And thanks to the internet the tide has begun to swing back in our favor. The internet has given us a major weapon to battle these entrenched interests. The internet is the one method of mass communication where you can research news and information for yourself, where you can use your own critical thinking and judgment skills, where voices are not censored through elite corporate interests. The internet has been for us what pamphlets were to our forefathers; a new form of mass communication that is not censored by elite interests. People are going to the internet and finding out all the information and facts that the corporate media is not letting the public in on. So, right there, you have a critical mass of informed and outraged citizens. People are using the internet for organizing and movement building.


The corporate elite are well aware of this. They see an informed citizenship rising up. The elite do not want us getting together and discussing political issues. They want that to be something that the aristocracy decides, not you. That is why they are currently attacking the open architecture of the internet.

Media War underway

The internet has become the frontlines of the latest battle for justice, freedom and democracy. The internet is democracy’s last avenue. Cyberspace is our Underground Railroad.

The bottom line is that we are at the most crucial and pivotal time in human history. The actions we take within the next few years are of vital historical importance. Every one of us, whether we realize it or not, or whether we want to be or not, is in a war, a war unlike any other…

Unless we evolve from passive, apathetic spectators into active participatory citizens and overthrow the corporate elite, we will eventually pay the ultimate price

We are here to fight a war, an information war, a media war, a war for the survival and advancement of our species.

Media War in progress



  1. War of Words in Thai colored politics – I’ve listed the words frequently used in the political discourse (both legitimate and vile verbal vomits) in the current red shirts vs. government (& its supporters) here:

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  2. […] Media War continues in Thailand and in the world on many fronts, particularly on the so called “global pandemic” (aka profiting from reducing population). […]

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