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Bangkok battle is over, online battle rages on – Updated on May 27th

It’s getting very ugly on the streets, but is just as ugly and dirtier online

– Jesada Chandraprasert

While the protests might be over, no one can guarantee our safety in cyber space

– Bangkok Post

In previous post I’ve tried to compare 3 main kind of media and their role in Thai political unrest. Now I’ve decided to focus more on what is called “Alternative media“, or more exactly “social media“.
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Is “Silent Majority” really a majority & why it is silent?

There are three kinds of lies:

lies, damned lies, and statistics

Mark Twain

Fresh example of  a typical  logical syllogism in Thai Media  from Bangkok Post :

The silent majority in Bangkok has finally awoken and started to speak up in the wake of the latest round of red shirt protestsA smaller rally by the so-called silent majority against the red shirt protest, attended by a few hundred people, took place the following day in front of King Rama IX Park

another fresh example :  Chula Network urges silent forces to a show of strength on 9 April

(Chula Network – means academics of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok)

Previously I’ve already tried to expose some “Fallacies used in Thai media and by academics” because I was just too appalled by their shameless blatancy.

Today I’ll try to debunk  another  BS, from a category of  logical fallacies, shamelessly  and EXCESSIVELY employed by Thai Media :  phrase  “silent majority“.

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call for “facts checking” and truth finding in Thai MSM

previously we’ve  already mentioned about the “facts checking” (or rather the ABSENCE  of it) by Thai MSM  in regards to the matter of whether PM Abhisit was in the car when protesters allegedly attacked it or not. Abhisit and  most of Thai MSM  lately deny Jatuporn’s claim that  Abhisit wasn’t in the car and the whole “attack” was a very well set up show by gov. and army.  although  on Apr 12 there were several articles with reference to Thai PBS (TV channel)  which plainly and clearly said that he left  the site well before the incident.

now in this regard there has been some sort of development.  apparently there is some progress in Thai media after all  –  Thai reporters call for “facts checking” !

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Media – part of Ruling class

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WHO and HOW decides which information is UNNEEDED – intellectually dishonest ajarns ?

The medium is the message

– Marshall McLuhan

a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself.”

Regarding academics  (I have mentioned previously the “intellectual bankrupcy of Thai media and academics” ) – see what I told you :

Academic: media must filter ‘unneeded’ information”

Due to the political conflict, the media should disseminate information on a “need to know basis”, [in other words – someone, as government, “academics”  and media corporations  will DECIDE  WHAT  and HOW MUCH  the sheeple  “need to know”  and what they “don’t need to know” – right, Khun Malee ? ] former Thammasat University journalism lecturer, Malee Boonsiripan, said yesterday at the “Media and Political Conflict” seminar held by institute’s Journalism and Communications Faculty.

The media must first see if the information they are delivering does or does not hurt society. If they don’t, they should not be called the ‘media’,” she said [wow !  and this is a JOURNALISM  teacher speaking, huh ? no wonder  Thai MSM are so f***ed up ! ].

Malee added that the media should not just report conflicts, especially serious ones, but also analyse the situation, educate [= BRAINWASH !   or pre-propaganda, as Jacques Ellul called  it, which is what the “education”* is all about ] people and report events in a thoughtful manner.

She said she believed Thai media enjoyed the highest level of freedom in Southeast Asia. [oh yeah, is that so ?]

So, what else can be said here ?   “ACADEMICS”  are talking this sort of crap, as sort of  “AUTHORITIES”  on the meaning of journalism and  media !  unless of course good ajran Malee  implies some other meaning of  media from many different meanings of this word, although I assume that she actually means exactly the Mass media, since she is a teacher of Jornalism talking to journalists and about journalists.

This is just one example of  academics and intellectuals who are deeply biased themselves. They are those who take upon themselves to decide what  publice “needs to know” and what it doesn’t,   as well as being judges of the information and facts.

Somehow it reminds me a case last year when  after the event of Oct 7th 2008   of  PAD clashes with police  one Doctor in  Chula hospital (as I recall correctly)  has refused to  treat  the wounded policeman – in a gross  disregard of the ethics of his profession, particularly Hippocratic Oath which every medical student will make before becoming a doctor.  In fact there were many other “doctors” in next several days who has expressed their solidarity with that “doctor”  and  also made the same statement with such a confidence liek they were doing very MORAL act – denying treatement to person in need because of their own prejudice.

Similar to that  “doctor”,  this  journalism teacher apparently doesn’t bother about Journalism Ethics (and Media ethics)  particularly  Objectivity (and to me – especially the part  “Interference with reporting by any entity, including censorship, must be disclosed.” – which I bet good ajarn Malee would never even dare to discuss !  )  and “Accuracy and standards for factual reporting“,  which I bet is not a top priority (if at all included) in the curriculum of  Journalism teachers in Thailand. And yet she is taking upon herself to set the new her own imaginary standards  of  WHAT  the meaning of  media   should be !

Because  if ajarn Malee  would  care at all about FACTUAL, objective  and accurate reporting – probably she wouldn’t say such things at all as “need to know basis”.

* Read Excerpts from Jacques Ellul’s book “Propaganda

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Surprising admission: “Thai press needs improving” wow ! :)

Today there is very curious  article on Nation :  Thai press needs improving

Today is World Press Freedom Day, and at this time of year the world and Thai media community has the opportunity to do some soul-searching on the state of the free press.

Could you bealieve it?  wow!  really?   isn’t  Thai media is already perfect, “fair and balanced”  ? 😉

Seeing such an article one might start to belive they’ve learned their mistakes and would  confess their blatant bias, partisanship, demagoguery…
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Bloggers are not immune either

today Fonzi  has commented about the recent artice on CPJ website about the hardships faced by bloggers  in the countries with where freedom of speech is limited:

Funny, Thailand meets all the criteria and actually has a worst record than some of the countries listed.

I tend to agree  to some extent. because actually  most if not all blogs  exercise self-censorship too – although may be not so much as Thai MS.

of course many blogs and their writers are  based abroad, not in Thailand and may be have lesser risk of being charged by MICT.

however they are naturally interested for their blogs  to be viewable  inside Thailand too – not blocked  by MICT on whim.

therefore  practically all  the bloggers self-censor and also moderate the comments on their blogs to avoid being blocked.

of course those people who know internet enough  – they can easily figure out the ways around the useless  attempts to block the information (as by using proxies).

and that make the pathetic attempts of MICT and Thai gov.  futile, in fact backfires – because there more there is a blockage and censorship, the more people try to find the alternative facts.  as saying goes “the more there are restrictions – the more usually are way around”.  it is simply a human nature – “fordbidden fruit is sweeter”.

therefore,  the more  there are efforts by authorities to  block the free flow of information – the more will be  a resistance to that,

or what  is called by some wise people “insurrection of subjugated knowledge” !

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“Insurrection of subjugated knowledge” is well under way

Suppression of  information – prison.

Freedom of information – paradise.

– David Icke

Media  play a huge role in  politics nowadays, that’s why some famous  journalists as John Pliger  even consider  it as  “invisible government”.  Journalists today have to keep in mind their great responsibility for the information they provide, because it may cause a tremendous dramatic consequences as wars and deaths of many people.

This blog is merely an attempt to discuss the discrepancies and fallacies  used in media, particularly in Thai Media and also  related  to that – other forms of propaganda, as by government and by other groups like academics and  different political movements.  Thai Media, now already even self-admitedly, has become a “more middle class’ media than “mass” media”  (although certainly a large part of it is also influenced by upper class elite). And unfortunately, middle class  is becoming increasingly anti-democratic reactionary !

While large portion of Thai people still prefer to stay “apolitical”,  there is an ongoing battle going on by major Propaganda players  to sway this large mass into one or other political direction. There are full scale “info-wars”  and even officially announced by Thai government “Media war” going on. Many alternative sources of information are rigidly being censored or completely closed, many websites blocked, and the remaining Thai MSM (Main Stream Media)  exercise a lot of “self-censorship”, at the same time fiercely attacking any rivals.

In such a climate of  intense “Media war”  we feel it necessary at least to attempt dismantling the “fog of war” so to say – try to sort out true facts from distortions and valid points from fallacies and demagoguery tricks.  certainly  this blog is just a small contribution into  the efforts done by many other  bloggers and folks who participate in discussions there.  Because now more than ever there is need for what Pilger mentioned as ‘critical public intelligence and moral sense‘.

Real truth is always subversive

– Zdener Urbanek

Truth comes from the ground up, almost never from the top down

– John Pilger

Never believe anything until it is officially denied

– Claud Cockburn

Each word  has an echo. So does each silence

–  Jean-Paul Sartre

The Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an “insurrection of subjugated knowledge.” The insurrection is well under way. In trying to make sense of a dangerous world, millions of people are turning away from the traditional sources of news and information and toward the world wide web, convinced that mainstream journalism is the voice of rampant power.”  – John Pilger

Democratizing of knowledge becomes a central precondition for human liberation because the contemporary knowledge system excludes the humane by its very structure. Such a process of democratization would involve a redefining of knowledge such that the local and diverse become legitimate as knowledge, and they are viewed as indispensable knowledge because concreteness is the reality, and globalization and universalization are abstraction which have violated the concrete and hence the real. Such a shift from globalizing to the local knowledge is important to the project of human freedom because it frees knowledge from the dependence on established regimes of thought, making it simultaneously more autonomous and more authentic. Democratization based on such an “insurrection of subjugated knowledge” is both desirable and necessary component of the larger process of democratization because the earlier paradigm is in crisis and in spite of its power to manipulate, is unable to protect both nature and human survival.

– Vandana Shiva

(from book : Monocultures of the Mind.  Chapter:  “Democratising knowledge“)

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MICT unblocks 71 Red websites

Prachathai   reports :  “MICT lifts blocking of 71 red-shirted websitesContinue reading

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Fallacies used in Thai media and by academics

Update  Apr 26th 2009

PPT  has a post about Abhisit’s interview to FT.  It is  very interesting to observe how Abhisit himself  employs a lot of fallacies  in this interview !  🙂 Continue reading

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