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true face of “Democrat”-bankster Korn

Let’s be clear I am a PAD sympathiser

– Korn Chatikavanij

George Orwell wrote once in 1946 :

Political language …  is designed to make lies sound truthful and  murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Orwell was talking about English language and politicians  more than a century ago – but one might think it was especially said about Thai “Democrats” ! But hey,  after all  current dashing Thai PM  Abhisit  and his old schoolmate & buddy and presently party-mate and co-minister Korn were educated there in UK, at most prestigious Oxford and surely have learned very well from the experts all the intricate subtleties of  that “political language” (demagoguery, fallacies,  overwhelming and dominating opponent with their language skills and other sophisticated BS ) in all finesse.  Perhaps they’ve been especially groomed so for their present mission of  running the show called “democratic government”.  🙂

I’ve commented on other blog about  role of  current Finance Minister Korn  and today I was surprised (NOT !)  to read about his  latest  anger and hypocrisy :
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